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Great teams don’t happen by accident or lip service. That’s why we designed our Team-Based Client Support System to be the “real thing,” not just an empty promise. It is based on research showing the key concerns that clients have about temporary staffing companies, and it is built around special processes that respond to those concerns. The end result is you get faster access to more people who can handle your requests, answer your questions, and solve your problems better than ever. It’s your assurance of unmatched service and satisfaction.


You know how challenging it is to have the right number of people in the right places to get the work done on time and still keep your bottom line in the black.

Through our specially designed Staffing Systems and Management Programs, you can be sure of finding the staffing solution that suits your organization’s specific needs. What’s more, you can feel secure knowing that some of your toughest staffing challenges are being managed by specialists you can count on to manage your staffing needs in a cost-effective manner – so you can concentrate on your business.

Staffing Systems

Flexible Staffing

You’re always going to need substitute workers to replace people on a temporary basis. Sickness. Vacations. Leaves. Special projects. You name it. You’ve tried solutions like overtime and found that they are either too expensive or not very productive, so it’s essential to have someone you can count on to provide quality, cost-effective works at a moment’s notice.

Planned Staffing

You’ve got a business to run, and the competition is fierce. You can’t afford to have people sitting around when business slows down. And you can’t afford to have them gone when it speeds up. If you’re struggling to make sure you always have the staff to match demands, and if you’re getting weary of all the ups and downs of staffing, we’ve got the perfect cure.

Facilities Staffing

Stick to your core competencies, do what you do best, and let someone else do the rest. That’s a timeless truism that’s more relevant today than ever before. Ignoring it can lead to poor management, higher costs, and a lot more headaches. If you find yourself wrapped up in parts of the business you would rather not have to think about or deal with, we’ve got the answer.

Management Programs

Custom Care

Whether you need one person or 20 for one day or many, you have our entire staffing team ready to serve you with custom care. Our coordinated approach means that the person who takes your job specifications, the one who fills it, and the one who calls to make sure you’re happy with our Field Associate are all working together for you in a close knit team.


Juggling lots of different temporary services can be time-consuming and costly. We know why you do it. It’s because you think you can’t count on one service to give you all the people you need on a consistent basis. With our One-Call program, you only have to make one call to us – if we can’t get you the right number of reliable people, we will call one of our competitors to get them for you.


If you use a lot of temporary staffing, you may need to coordinate closely with your staffing provider on a daily basis. If the situation calls for it, we can have one of our Staffing Specialists working on-site, side-by-side with your own Human Resources department.

RPO and HR Support Services

From recruiting support to employee training and comprehensive retention programs, B. Loehr – HR provides an array of comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and HR support services to meet all your company’s RPO needs. Our specialists can effectively enhance and streamline your recruitment process to increase your company’s competitive advantage and reduce your overhead hiring costs. We will work with you to customize a service package that will best suit your recruiting needs.

We can:

Screen Candidates
Administer Skills Evaluations
Reference and Background Checks
Manage the Interview Process
Perform Screenings
Offer Several Employee Placement Options:

  • Temporary Hire
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Employee Leasing
  • Direct Hire

If you want to find out more about B. Loehr’s staffing solutions, contact us today.

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