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Hi, this is Edie, your friendly neighborhood staffing supervisor.  Have you ever wondered where our great field associates come from?  The best of the best come to us from you.

We are always looking for experienced, dependable, hard-working individuals to send on assignments all over the greater St. Louis Area.   You probably know someone who fits that description and is looking for new work opportunities so please tell them about B. Loehr.  Once your friend works 32 hours for us, we’ll send you a check.  Just make sure your friend puts your name on the “How Referred” line on their application.

Good Friend Bonus Rates

  • $50.00 Administrative Assistant, Secretary
  • $40.00 Accounting, Customer Service, Data Entry
  • $30.00 Clerk, Industrial, Receptionist

Saying to yourself that you know great people, but you never worked for B. Loehr?  Not to worry.  Anyone can earn this bonus – we just need to know how to find you so make sure that great applicant writes your contact information on the application too.

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Optimize Your Hiring and Screening Process for St. Louis Candidates

Creating a consistent hiring process is a key step in building a strong company foundation. Not only does a solid process increase the likelihood of finding top candidates, it also lowers turnover rate while decreasing hiring costs. Finding the best candidates can seem like an art, but luckily, this art form is founded in science. Consult B. Loehr Staffing for the following strategies to help improve your candidate selection process and strengthen your business.

  • Improve goals. The year is young and it is an excellent time to reinforce the strengths of your hiring process and take an honest look at areas that could be improved upon. Recruiting, as well as the candidate experience as a whole, are vital components to your hiring process and should be awarded high priorities in your hiring department. Focus first on the overall quality of filling your open positions, and then move forward.
  • Plan processes. It is highly recommended to have a process in place for areas that require assessment testing such as phone interviews and pre-employment screenings. Having a predetermined procedure to follow can greatly help your company become more efficient in its overall process and trainings. As your business grows, these set processes will become vital.
  • Set expectations. First impressions are long lasting and the job description you post will most likely be a potential candidate’s first impression of you as a future employer. This is a critical time to set appropriate expectations for your candidates. Consider including a salary range you would be willing to negotiate for the posted position to give potential candidates a realistic idea of what to expect without cornering yourself into a set number.
  • Administer tests.  Finding the right candidate at face value can be much easier than finding the candidate with the right skill set. Investing in assessment testing will help you put the best candidates in the right positions. The average hiring process for a single employee ranges between six and eight weeks; hiring the right candidate the first time around increases employee retention rates, efficiency, and overall productivity.

Efficiency is the key to success in the candidate selection process. By setting goals and realistic expectations, you can effectively and efficiently optimize your company’s approach to screening and hiring. B. Loerhr Staffing can help fulfill your staffing needs. Contact the staffing professionals at B. Loehr Staffing today!

Small Tips that Can Help Improve Your Business

Improving your business is an ongoing effort, one that should always be at the forefront of business owners’ minds. After all, business improvement leads to growth, success, happy employees, and happy customers – all positive points any business would ideally want for their company. As the first quarter of 2013 rolls to a close, let’s take a look at some proven best practices for improving business throughout the year:

  • Smart spending. Whether your company is a startup, in the midst of a growth spurt, or getting back on track, the most imperative decisions you make for your business should never be made with cost as the guiding factor. Instead, substitute the word “cost” with the word “value”. If something is greatly contributing to your company’s efficiency, keep it, regardless of cost. If it does not prove valuable, let it go.
  • Sporadic incentives. Employees tend to have difficulty seeing the long-term. This is why year-end bonuses, although created with the best intentions, are not the best incentive. Consider spreading out the amount you would typically award as a year-end bonus throughout the year. Creating a bonus system that is immediately linked to short-term projects or goals can help boost both employee morale as well as your company’s bottom line.
  • Customer feedback. Thanks to the Digital Age, business owners now have more opportunity than ever to give their customers a voice. Customers are a company’s absolute best resource when it comes to creating, modifying, and expanding products or services. Encourage customer feedback, comments, and suggestions whenever and wherever possible. This will prevent your business from making costly mistakes and provide valuable insight into what you need to do to be more successful.
  • Solution selling. Whether you are selling a product or a service, present it as a solution. When your customers benefit, so does your company. Selling your company as a solution moves your business forward by showing customers that you make life easier or change how things work. Take initiative to frame each discussion about your product or service in terms of the solution it offers.

If your company has been in business for a while, it can become easy to fall into a routine of always doing things the same way; however, constant improvement and evolution are they keys to success. B. Loehr Staffing provides a wide variety of St. Louis business solutions and understands the challenges companies are faced with when it comes to staying relevant and ahead of the curve. If you are in need of additional St. Louis business resources, contact B. Loehr Staffing today for all of your staffing solutions.

The Mobile Search Outlook

There’s no denying it – mobile technology is changing the way people search, even for jobs. In fact, smart phones alone make up nearly half of the mobile market. Today’s job seekers are embracing the mobile trend with seven out of every ten people already job searching on mobile devices. Because of this, employers are now faced with the need to incorporate mobile technology into recruiting strategies to prevent missing top candidates.

Because of this technological leap, it is vital for recruiters and hiring managers alike to understand this shift in the recruitment world. The rise in mobile technology is directly impacting job seeking, thus, creating challenges involved with mobile job search and recruiting. The truth is mobile is no longer the future; it is the now, already playing a crucial role in recruitment, primarily thanks to convenience and immediacy. Consider the following:

  • Mobile sites. Not only is it imperative for employers to have mobile sites of their own, they must also provide a seamless experience between their online site and their mobile presence to attract potential candidates. While seven out of ten job seekers are applying to jobs via mobile technology, three out of those ten are applying.
  • Mobile social media. The rise of social media as a networking tool is also contributing to mobile optimization as a marketing plan. Many mobile recruiting apps and websites provide a seamless integration for job seekers to connect with employers and industry professionals on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This is one of the easiest ways to be where you want to be – where your candidates are interacting.

Although these tips can provide a helpful set of guidelines, fully wrapping your head (and recruiting plan!) around the mobile world can be frustrating. Fortunately, B. Loehr is here to help! When it comes to attracting the top talent in the digital age, B. Loehr Staffing is readily available to lend a helping hand every step of the way. If you are looking for additional resources for implementing a mobile job search campaign, contact the experts at B. Loehr Staffing today!

Changes to Your Office in the New Year

The start of a New Year is prime time for making positive changes – both individually, as well as for companies. Although plans to better the workplace may be attractive, big improvements can seem daunting. Fortunately, big changes aren’t always necessary; small improvements are often the ones that have the greatest company-wide impact.

Steering your workplace towards becoming a more employee-friendly environment could be one of the best resolutions your company could make for the New Year. A better workplace means happier employees, which in turn leads to increased productivity, idea generation, and sometimes, even a boost revenue.  Perhaps the best part, though, is changes such as these won’t cost you anything. Consider implementing the following into your plans for 2013:

  • Flexibility.  While it may not be feasible to allow your employees the luxury of working remotely many employees wish for increased flexibility.  Consider taking a look at your employee’s work schedule and building or expanding a flextime program.  Having the time to take care of events like: school meetings, home or car repairs even social obligations without the pressure of missing work will be appreciated.   This small gesture will show your employees that you respect their work-life balance and trust they level of responsibility to get the job done.
  • Social media.  Social media is all about building relationships and what better time to start investing time in building those contacts than the start of the New Year?   Every employee has something to gain by sprucing up their media page; maybe it’s new customers or clients, but social media is also a great way to meet new peers, gather new insights into being more productive and even mentoring.
  • Health. For many individuals, the beginning of the New Year is an unspoken kick-off for practicing better wellness habits. Take this opportunity to influence a focus on health within your workplace. Lead by example, and make a resolution to create a healthier atmosphere for your employees. Additionally, small wellness competitions, such as tracking steps or a healthy lunch pot-luck Friday, are excellent ways to boost company morale and workplace camaraderie on top of promoting a more energized environment with a decreased need for sick days.

Regardless of the number of goals on your company’s list of resolutions for 2013, improving your workplace should be at the top. It’s of utmost importance to show your employees you appreciate them, and even the smallest resolutions can have a huge impact on the way work environment is viewed. If you are searching for additional resources on employee management, contact the experts at B Loehr Staffing today.

Managing Through a Growing Economy

Although the economy is growing slowly but surely, the unemployment rate remains high. With GDP growth climbing gradually, our economic future is bright but to some seems off in the distance. For managers, keeping company morale high during our economy’s transition can be a challenge. Consider the following key points:

  • Hone in on your strengths.  Continue to proactively seek out your company’s strengths, and look for occasions to productively apply these strengths. Always be on the lookout for growth opportunities, and use your company’s strong points to your advantage.
  • Expect the unexpected. Markets don’t always adhere to conventional wisdom. This is especially true during transition periods. When coming out of past recessions, consumer buying has been noted to do the opposite of what one would expect, including a rise in dining out, traveling, and real estate investments.
  • Know when to let go. If something isn’t working, fix it, close it, or sell it. Ask yourself difficult questions, and force yourself to answer honestly. Unfortunately, letting go of traditions and sentiments can be necessary to promote growth.
  • Look before you leap. When the economy begins to brighten after a period of darkness, many businesses make premature decisions and grow too quickly. Before falling into this trap, consider turning things around by rethinking yourself. Identify your company’s activities that are productive and should be strengthened, promoted, and expanded.
  • Be extra mindful of your investments. Investments can be great opportunities, but make sure to think over every possible outcome. These questions, though always imperative, are more important than ever during a transitioning economy.

Our economy is on the upswing, and as a manager, it’s your job to lead effectively during this promising, yet sometimes confusing time. Following the above tips are great guidelines to keep your business thriving during this transitional period. If you are looking for additional resources on managing your business through the economical change, contact the experts at B. Loehr Staffing today!

Save Money While Motivating Employees

In today’s economy, most everyone is trying to save a buck in any way they can – this is especially true for small and medium size businesses that don’t have the same revenue flow as larger, more seasoned companies.  With  circumstances like these, where larger salaries and cash bonuses aren’t options, how can an employer keep workers motivated?

Although it may ring true that nothing is more powerful to a company’s employees than passionately believing in its mission, this still only takes motivation so far. To turn that passion into efficient action, consider adding the following actions   into your company’s employee retention plan.

  • Increase goal setting. For small and medium businesses, annual reviews just aren’t enough. Your short-term goals are constantly changing to adapt to rapidly changing client needs, competitor moves, and internal discoveries regarding your own strengths and weaknesses.  Employees need specific, measurable goals to negotiate with management as well as their teams.
  • Reward small victories. Reward the achievement of employees’ short-term goals as they reach them.  Immediate rewards show employees not only that you are paying close attention to their performance, but they also help employees understand how important their goals are to the success of the company.
  • Utilize social media. Let’s be realistic – most everyone uses some form of social media. While it’s already important for your business to be active in social networks, consider “socially rewarding” employees to expand acknowledgement for a job well done. Share a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or post on LinkedIn about a specific employee achievement or monthly recognition.

When attracting and retaining top talent, there is no substitute for a powerful mission statement; however to keep these employees motivated to do the right things every day, following these simple, inexpensive approaches can help keep you a step ahead of the competition. If you are looking for more tips for motivating your company and finding the best employees contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

How to Harness Your Accounting Workforce –B. Loehr Staffing Tips

Employing and maintaining a strong accounting workforce is imperative to any company’s well being. After all, these employees serve as your fundamental backbone – how could that not be important? However, an unfortunate recent trend suggests that many companies are missing important growth opportunities due to ineffective talent management within their accounting teams.

What exactly does this mean? It means as important as an accounting workforce is, it’s a department that has been falling by the wayside for many organizations, resulting in missed financial goals, overlooked performance targets, and countless lost opportunities.  How can you prevent these mishaps in your company before they come to pass? Start harnessing your accounting workforce by improving your human capital strategies now.

  • Information. Are you receiving the right information? Above all, the information you receive must be credible and accurate.  This information then needs to be analyzed and translated into relevant insight in order to implement and organize a strategy for effective decision-making.
  • Performance. Do you have a system in place for measuring employee performance? Be sure to set performance measures that fall in line with your big picture business strategy. The management of these measurements should be viewed as equally important as any other key data in your company.
  • Accountability. Are your employees clear on their responsibilities? Organizations must establish accountability, responsibility, and ownership with clarity throughout the entire organization in order to manage human capital effectively.
  • Partnering. What is the relationship between your finance and HR departments? Consider restructuring for closer collaboration and encourage partnering to bridge the communication gap and put an end to potential problems from the get go.

With a rapid evolving business culture, a company’s accounting workforce often plays the role of critical driver for a company’s success – definitely a mark you do not want your organization to miss! If you find your own company is in need of some help harnessing your accounting workforce, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing today!