Virtual Job Fairs – Part I: The Advantages of a Virtual Job Fair

B Loehr - virtual job fairIt’s no wonder virtual career fairs have gained popularity in recent years. There’s no need to rent a facility or equipment. No hiring or paying additional staff to load, unload, and set-up furnishings, brochures and applications or man the traditional job fair booth. Not to mention saying goodbye to parking hassles – for both the job seekers and the hiring company.

Both similar to and quite different from traditional career fairs, a virtual job fair offers a plethora of advantages to job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers alike. A virtual fair may be hosted by one business, featuring the open positions throughout the company, or a group of companies who participate in a single, online event. Job hunters gain finger-tip access to employment opportunities. Recruiters and hiring managers are afforded easy access to a larger pool of candidates.

Here are but a few of the advantages.

The “Pros” for Job Seekers

  1. Convenience

What could be more convenient that perusing job listings from the comfort of your home? Prop up your feet and let your fingers do the walking as you get a feel for the available opportunities.

  1. A flexible timeline

Rather than being limited to a strict three to four hour time slot on a particular day, an online fair may last a week or more, with 24/7 availability. This open access format allows for easier job seeker participation, regardless of each one’s present work schedule.

  1. Ideal for relocation scenarios

If relocation is in your future, a virtual job fair is the perfect set-up. A candidate-seeking event hosted by multiple companies can provide a variety of job opportunities in a one-stop environment. It’s a much better alternative to making several time consuming, costly job-search trips to the new location

The “Pros” for the Hiring Company

  1. Less hassle, less paperwork

The format of a virtual job fair creates reports that list who applied for each position, who from the company interacted via chat or email with each candidate, and even who exchanged virtual business cards. Hiring personnel have real-time access to recruiting information – without stacks of applications, resumes, and other documentation cluttering their desk. Real-time access allows for candidate screening and the arranging of interviews without being buried by a mountain of paperwork.

  1. Less effort = more applicants

Because virtual fairs make the application process easier and more accessible, it often yields a larger, broader pool of candidates, including potential candidates from diverse backgrounds with a variety of work experiences.

  1. The “comfortable” interview

An interview held across a virtual channel scores points for both comfort and security. Another positive factor is the ease with which multiple persons from the company, at the same time or in succession, can participate in the interview process without scheduling constraints. This access to a greater amount of feedback, gained over a shorter time period, benefits the hiring process.

In Virtual Job Fairs Part 2, we’ll explore the “how-to” of hosting a virtual job fair.

In fact, virtual job fairs can be a win-win for both candidates and the hiring company. Of course, contacting B. Loehr Staffing is always a winning proposition too. We specialize in providing our clients with top personnel and skilled Field Associates for all their hiring needs, while they concentrate or other pertinent areas of business. We’ve been doing this for over 100 years, but we aren’t the best because we’re the oldest – we’re the oldest because we are the best.

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