Virtual Job Fairs Part 2:  The How-to of Hosting a Virtual Job Fair

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From something as simple as an online job board to an elaborate multi-faceted virtual job fair, the world of recruiting is benefiting from the many advantages the web offers for locating and recruiting employees.

Job seekers have become avid fans of this convenient, timesaving means of finding and applying for multiple positions. Many companies are also choosing virtual job career fairs as an effective recruiting tool, citing multiple benefits, such as:

  • Fewer logistical hassles
  • Smaller price tag
  • Access to a greater pool of top-notch candidates.

Hosting a successful virtual job fair, however, does require energy and effort to put together. A good first step is to familiarize yourself with the ins-and-outs by “attending” several virtual events. Peruse the event from the perspective of a candidate. Note the ease with which you’re able to both understand and navigate the fair format.

  • What catches your eye?
  • What appeals to you as someone scouting for a job?
  • Does the format allow you to highlight your unique skillset?
  • What’s missing from this virtual experience?

Jot down your impressions so you can compare and contrast the different elements available at each event.

Still a little unsure? For most companies first entering the virtual world of recruiting, it’s a good idea to participate in an event produced by a third party. Such an event would feature multiple companies, segmented by industry, with the added benefit of an end-to-end event that includes promotion, training, support, and reporting. You’ll experience the web-based recruiting advantages a virtual fair offers, while allowing someone in the know to handle the structure and formatting crucial to such a tech-savvy event.

As you participate in third party events ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the site offer the same navigational ease to the employer?
  • Is the information about each candidate complete and easily accessible?
  • What info is not available, but would aid your decision to pursue a candidate?
  • Note the advantages/disadvantages of a single company vs. multiple company hosted fair.

Now, if you have found the virtual job fair format a good fit for your needs, you know how you want your job fair to work for applicants and for yourself.

Investigate the many facets of the convenient and innovative alternatives to traditional job fairs at.

Job board hosting sites:      iCIMS

Virtual job fair software:        Comminique`  Brazen

Virtual job fair platforms:      vFair                InterCall

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