The Facts about Recruiting Cycles

b  loehr - cyclesRecruiting does indeed follow a yearly cycle that’s fairly predictable. And that’s a good thing for job seekers unless those in the market for employment choose to ignore this proven tool. But why would a serious job seeker disregard such an obvious advantage?

Admittedly, those who need a job like now may have fewer options when it comes to timing. Still, the time of year can influence which field(s) an applicant with multiple skills will approach first. A candidate hoping to advance in his/her chosen industry or who are looking for a change in career can certainly benefit from attention to the recruiting cycle.

Keep in mind that key hiring periods often precede “boom” times in any given field. Which makes total sense as it’s too time-consuming and distracting to be hiring when the workload is the greatest. Job seekers who apply at the start of these pre-boom hiring cycles increase their chances of landing a job. That whole being in the right place at the right time gig.

Quarter one, especially the months of January and February, sees major hiring in some industries. After an extended break for the holidays, it’s a return to “business as usual” and a focus on the coming year. Hiring budgets have been approved, and bosses are intent on staffing for the coming year. There’s a let’s-get-down-to-business mentality that motivates the search for quality candidates.

Weather is a major factor in the second quarter, as the hiring pace for some industries that depend on fair weather double. The spring months of April, May, and June see an increase in the demand for construction related jobs as the peak period for new construction, remodeling, etc., approaches. Hiring in the hospitality and tourism industries peaks as well, in preparation for vacation season. And before the decision makers themselves enjoy some R & R, they’ll consider their need for professional staff in the fall.

The third quarter signals a lull in hiring as many businesses experience their busy period. Thoughts of recruitment return as August draws to a close and fall ushers in a more regular routine. In preparation for Christmas sales, retail establishments launch hiring campaigns in September in order to be staffed with well-trained employees before the busy shopping season begins

The fourth quarter presents a mixed bag, influenced by the upswing many companies experience in fall that leads into the busy holiday retail market. A business, as well as hiring lull, occurs in other industries in the late November through December holiday season. And end-of-year financial and budget planning require in-depth time and attention. Despite typically low hiring levels in December, job seekers may uncover opportunities as recruiters scramble to fill open positions at a time when applicants are often few.

While hiring happens year round and positions become available throughout the year for various reasons, it makes sense to hone in on the key hiring times in the fields in which an applicant is most interested in finding employment.

B. Loehr Staffing offers high caliber candidates career options that fit their lifestyle. Contact us today for short-term, long-term, part-time or full-time positions in a variety of support, service and industrial positions.


Jumpstart 2016   

  b loehr - recipe blastThe holiday rush is winding down and our batteries are charged for 2016. We are full of goals, dreams, and those annual resolutions – especially the ones about getting more exercise and shedding that Christmas bulge plus a few more pounds of excess. We want to be fit and healthy by Spring.

These great tasting recipes will help you on your way – in fact, they’re so good that we predict they will last much longer than resolutions ever do.

 Marinated Vegetable Salad

1 head broccoli, cut up;   b loehr - veggies1 head cauliflower, cut up
1 lb. baby carrots;  2 red, yellow, or green peppers – remove seeds and slice
I medium red onion, sliced;  16 oz. bottle of a lite Italian dressing
8 oz. button mushrooms, cut in half;  1 ½ cups grape tomatoes
Wash and prepare first five ingredients. Mix in large bowl. Cover with salad dressing and gently stir. Refrigerate overnight. Add mushrooms and tomatoes before serving.


b loehr - caviarTexas Caviar

15 oz. can Garbanzo beans;  15 oz. can Black beans;  15 oz. can Pinto Beans;  15 oz. can Black eyed peas
15 oz. can corn (or 2 cups frozen corn);  1 cup chopped celery;  1 medium onion, chopped;  1 red pepper, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped;  ¼ cup chopped fresh jalapeno;  Rinse and drain beans, peas, corn. Mix with rest of ingredients – set aside
1 cup olive oil;  ½ cup xylitol;  5 drops liquid stevia;  ½ apple cider vinegar
Stir together in a saucepan and bring to boil over medium heat. Cook until xylitol dissolves (1-2 minutes).
Cool. Pour over bean mixture. Refrigerate 24 hours before serving. 

Fruit Yogurt Smoothieb loehr - fruit smoothie
4 cups ripe berries, washed (can be strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or      combination)
1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
1/2 cup fresh orange juice         2 Tab xylitol or 10 drops of liquid stevia
Put all ingredients in blender (1 scoop of vanilla flavored protein powder can be added for additional protein and energy)  Blend until smooth.

Choose B Loehr Staffing. We’ve been specializing in helping our clients and candidates connect since 1898!

A Different Kind of Christmas Warmth

b loehr - christmas 2015If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas… better find something else to fill your nocturnal thoughts. Snow will cover little of the country this December 24 and 25. In fact cities in the eastern and central United States are expected to experience the warmest Christmas Eve and Day on record.

This unseasonable heatwave has been dubbed “blowtorch weather”. But instead of the beach-like conditions many vacationers seek over the holidays, the hot air from the Pacific and the Tropics that are keeping old man winter at bay, will combine with low pressure systems and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to bring in rain and clouds. If we can’t  have snow, it should at least be sunny, right? Fat chance of that. The forecast predicts temps in the low 50s for Christmas Eve and Christmas with even warmer conditions blowing in over the weekend when the thermometer will register near 60 with more rain in tow. As of Tuesday a. m., snow was falling in the Rockies in Colorado and the Sierras in California, so if it’s snow you must have, head for the mountains.

According to an analysis of 50 years of climate data by the Cornell University Northeast Regional Climate Center, the probability of having 1 inch or more of snow on the ground on Christmas Day in St. Louis is 24%–just shy of a one in four chance. Actually much of the U. S. does not experience a snowy December 25, and they appear to manage just fine. Sure, snow is fun but it’s not a necessity.

In fact, a lack of the white, fluffy stuff does have advantages.

  • Fewer vehicle accidents due to hazardous road conditions
  • A lower risk of falling as walkways are not snow-covered or icy
  • No slopping through slushy parking lots
  • Less expense for state and local highway departments
  • No inclement weather to hinder employees getting to work OR to keep customers from patronizing businesses
  • Moms and dads busy with holiday preparations can shoo the young’uns outside to play
  • And best of all, no donning multiple layers and trudging through drifts to help the kids test drive/throw/launch gifts like bikes, balls, skateboards, rockets, etc.

Seriously, the bright decorations will still twinkle in the warm winter night. The traditional Christmas ham and those special cookies you love will taste as good as ever. The tree laden with colorfully wrapped presents and those bulging stockings hung by the fire with care will continue to be tangible expressions of love to your family and friends.

Don’t let a little “El Nino” influenced weather spoil the festivities as you gather to celebrate the joy and wonder of Christmas with family and friends. We at B. Loehr Staffing extend our most sincere wishes for a merry-filled holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year. May the traditional “warmth” of the season fill your hearts and homes!

What Prompts Millennials (Gen Y) to Leave a Job?

b loehr - millennialYou’ve taken the time to learn about Millennials – after all, they are the dominant generation in your workforce. You discovered how to attract and engage them by paying attention to how they search for jobs and how they define success. But what about keeping this talented generation loyal and working for you rather than jumping over the fence? Instead of dreaming up ways to keep them, maybe we should study why Millennials leave a job.

Older generations valued longevity with one employer, noting it was “better” to spend the majority of their working years with a single boss. To the contrary, millennials are likely to change jobs numerous times throughout their career. Young survey respondents admit they expect to move from company to company rather than stay with one employer.

A variety of reasons prompt Millenials to embark on a job search. Top motivators include:

  • to have more flexibility/better work-life balance
  • to pursue work that is more aligned with their passions
  • to make more money
  • to move forward in their careers, OR have better career growth opportunities

The importance of salary is not a surprising finding – millennials need money the same as everyone else – but their focus often leans toward mission more than money. They long for purpose and meaning and opportunities to make a life-changing difference. A position that aligns with a Millennial’s passions, provides opportunities to grow and develop his/her career, and provides appropriate work-life balance, equals a winning combination in the minds of this purpose-driven generation.

Thought processes that may guide employment decisions run along these lines:

  • I need something to care about now so talk to me about how to make a difference, not your ROI report.
  • I’ve always been told I could change the world so show me that the work we do here matters.
  • I never felt like a valuable asset to the company, so why stay when I could be part of a winning team somewhere else.

The more business managers and owners understand what drives Millenials, the less likely they are to believe the labels once so quickly assigned to this growing group. You know, lazy, entitled, unfocused, self-absorbed, wasteful, greedy … we could go on but let’s not. Because dwelling on these stereotypical labels will not enable you to relate to this group of employees so necessary to the U.S. workforce. Rather, seek to grasp the positive characteristics this highly-educated and purpose drive generation brings to the workplace and work to understand them. They get realness – they know when you care and that’s the first step to creating loyalty.

At B. Loehr Staffing we’ve made it our business to understand both the strengths and desires of this expanding group of job candidates. We actively seek talented millennials to fill our candidate pool. Contact us today to lead the search for the Millenials who will propel your company toward a successful future.


The Millennial’s 2016 Employment Outlook

B Loehr - News4 - CandidateThe national unemployment rate for November, at 5%, is the lowest since April of 2008. That’s great news for the U.S. economy and the workforce in general. Yet this news is of little comfort to millennials who make up 40% of the unemployed. Under-employment is also an issue as 44% of college grads aged 22 to 27 are stuck in low-paying, low skill jobs, some that do not even require a college degree. Indeed, the employment picture for those aged 18 – 34 years of age, now the largest generation in the workforce, is not pretty.

Despite the depressing statistics, all is not lost. Reports indicate 2016 will be one of the best job markets for college graduates. Yes! Hiring is expected to be on the upswing, particularly in higher-paying fields. All right!  And, opportunities for freelancers are projected to make up an increasing proportion of the workforce in 2016. YAY!

Despite the challenges facing this generation, being proactive can indeed increase the chances of landing a decent job and/or advancing the career path for diligent millennials.

Here’s the “millennial” scoop on searching for a job in 2016…

  1. Video resumes are IN

Take the customary job-search document a step further by creating a video resume. The use of video in the recruitment process is on the rise, with 2016 expected to see more companies getting on board, as “video recruitment” matures.

Think authentic and original. Choose one accomplishment that highlights your most developed skills, showcases your greatest strengths and focus on why this achievement was challenging, how you took initiative and what the results were. Of course, exude enthusiasm and passion and confidence. Make this your rock star moment. Attach the video to your LinkedIn profile and make note of it anywhere else it can be used to further your professional experience and personal brand.

  1. Social Media Gets a Serious Nod

In 2014, more than 70% of recruiters used social media to hire candidates, shifting the once for-fun-and-games-only social sites into serious tools in the world of recruiting and career advancement. As networking and relationship building continue to edge upward on recruiters’ preferred methods lists—a given because of their proven effectiveness—candidates will find more opportunities to connect with both recruiters and specific positions through a multitude of social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to reach out to recruiters directly, making the most of even the smallest opportunity to market yourself and your skills.

On the flip side, take your own participation in social networking seriously. Strive to stand out from the crowd by sharing interesting articles, voicing insightful opinions and providing helpful answers. Actively participate in forums and communities that correlate to your job search. And please, please, please, be fastidious about maintaining a pristine online footprint. Inappropriate material found on your social media profiles could most certainly be a deal breaker should a potential employer stumble upon it. Ask yourself, “Would my grandmother be happy to see this picture/read this comment/feel free to share this story with her friends?” If not, then do not post, share or like it.

  1. Staffing Services are IN 

2016 has already been declared the year of job search outsourcing by many industry experts. And why not? Staffing specialists’ entire focus is centered on matching qualified candidates with career opportunities that result in a winning relationship for both employee and employer. As more companies seek the assistance of staffing agencies, it makes sense for more candidates to align themselves with said agencies who will have the inside track to many job opportunities that candidates would be unlikely to discover on your own. Let their expertise guide your career decisions and lead you toward the most promising positions with companies as intent as you are on discovering those perfect employee-employer matches.

And finally, but certainly not of least importance, adopt an optimistic can-do attitude. Those who approach the job search with a positive outlook have the best chances of landing a job and/or advancing their career. Choosing to focus on the positive will make you more appealing to potential employers who know that today’s job market is challenging for millennials.

As a comprehensive resource for human resources management who understands the challenges facing the millennial generation, B. Loehr Staffing maintains a Candidate Resource Center containing a wealth of information to help you land a great position, maximize on-the-job performance, create a healthy work-life balance and more. Contact us today for personalized employment assistance.

The Millennial Impact

b loehr - news4 - client -One of the biggest impacts to the landscape of the workplace is the rising number of Millennials, aged 18-34 in 2015, being incorporated into the workforce. Also dubbed Generation Y, this youngest demographic differs from past generations in many ways. The way they think, how they perceive the world, their ideas and desires concerning work-life balance and their “ideal” job seem far removed from the ways of the Baby Boomers who are now departing the work force in record numbers.

Currently, more than one-in-three American workers are Millenials. In 2014, their numbers in the workforce rose quickly, surpassing the Baby Boomer generation. In the first quarter of 2015, their numbers exceeded Generation X, a second milestone in two years.

Now, as the largest share of the American workforce, some 53.5 million, their influence on all things employment related cannot be ignored. Nor can employers continue to handle recruiting, engaging, motivating or leading employees as they have in the past. The reality is by 2020, Millenials numbers will have swelled to a mind-boggling 86 million, representing 40 percent of the total workforce.

Seeking to understand and relate to Millennials is already, and will continue to be, of crucial importance to managing a successful, profitable business. Let’s take a look at these key areas.

How do Millennials search for jobs? 

They are the first generation brought up from day one with technology, having experienced firsthand the rapid advancement of the Internet and its reach into day-to-day life. They are renowned for their technological savviness. So it’s no surprise that eighty percent of millennial job seekers expect to access at least a portion of their job search opportunities easily on a smartphone. Many noted that if such online options were not available, they’d choose to move on to other opportunities.

Their top means for seeking employment include:

  • Referral by a friend, relative or other personal connection
  • Research of potential employers
  • Search for job postings on company website
  • Application on-line for a particular position

These job search avenues reflect this generation’s prowess with the Internet and confirm another character trait inherent to this demographic: they value personal relationships and make connecting with others a priority. 

 How do they define success? 

A recent study conducted by Boston College Center for Work and Family brings additional insight into Millennials, revealing what many of them consider measuring sticks of success.

  • work-life balance (44%)
  • job satisfaction (43%)
  • salary/salary growth rate (35%)
  • achievement of personal goals (27%)
  • work achievements (25%)
  • development of new skills (24%)

Where job stability ranked high for Baby Boomers, today’s dominant workforce demographic places a high priority on how their family and home life mesh with their work life. They aspire to set their own hours and see the Internet as a means for accomplishing that and often tend to gravitate away from the standard 9-5 behind-a-desk work model. Many plan to establish their own business in the future and aim to, along the way, develop the necessary skills that will enable them to do so successfully.

Taking the time to understand the amazing Millennial workforce and adapting your recruiting processes and business practices accordingly will reap a high ROI. Millennials are the dominant workforce and they hold the key to your success.

At B. Loehr Staffing we’ve made it our business to understand both the strengths and desires of this expanding group of job candidates. We actively seek talented Millennials to fill our candidate pool. Contact us today to lead the search for these Generation Y’ers who will propel your company toward a successful future.


5 Tips to Acing a Telephone Job Interview

b loehr - phonePhone interviews are a common, handy way for employers to narrow the pool of job applicants when there’s not sufficient time to grant a face-to-face to every promising candidate. Those candidates who impress will move on to round two, an in-person interview. Those who don’t, well . . . you get the picture.

You can make a lasting, positive impression during this screening process and keep your name in the hat with attention to these simple steps.

  1. Consider the day and time to be interviewed

If given the opportunity for input, choose a day and time when you can be in a quiet place, unlikely to be interrupted, where your focus can be completely on the interview. Of course refrain from being overly picky. “Sorry, that day/time doesn’t work either…” if repeated several times will send a less than serious message about your intentions toward this job opportunity.

  1. Take control of your environment

Close the door to the kids and the pets. Turn off all electronic devices—the stereo, the TV, the iPad or video game. Disengage your phone’s call waiting option. Use speakerphone only if: it will not interfere with the reception quality, the possibility of interruptions is nil, and then only after you ask permission from the interviewer. Survey the room for anything that could be a distraction and remove it.

Don’t fall for the “but he/she can’t see me” reasoning that might persuade you to wear sweats, nibble on a snack or have a cigarette to calm your nerves. Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink during the interview. Go a step further and wear interview appropriate attire. Why? Because it’s natural inclination to behave more formally when dressed in business or formal attire than in sweats.

  1. Make preparation a priority 

You would prepare in multiple ways for an in-person interview. Do the same for a telephone interview. Make sure all pertinent documents are at your fingertips. Have pen and paper handy for note taking. Practice the answer to common interview questions. Avoid “yes” and “no” responses as they tend to shorten rather than move a telephone interview forward.

  1. Be professional

Don’t allow the “home turf advantage” to create a casual or laidback attitude Answer the call professionally with a simple ‘Good morning, (insert name) speaking’. Address the interviewer as Miss, Mrs. or Mr. unless invited to use a first name. Balance enthusiasm and politeness with a business-like approach to conversation. And focus on listening carefully, especially if you find the lack of visual interaction distracting.

  1. Smile!

Did you know a smile can be heard? It’s absolutely true. Smiling projects an engaged, upbeat tone into the smiler’s voice. So practice smiling into a mirror while talking on the phone to become comfortable with the idea. Place a mirror in the room where you’ll be taking the call and make a point of checking on your smile during the conversation. Keep in mind that hearing will be the only sense engaged during this all-important exchange so pay attention to the tone and quality of your voice.

At B. Loehr Staffing, matching qualified candidates with job openings that fit their skills and experience is our primary focus. Allow our staffing specialists to direct you to the best career opportunities in your chosen field. Contact us today!

What Should Businesses Look for in A Staffing Firm?

b loehr - staffingWhere longevity in a place of employment used to be a tenet of the American dream, many in today’s US workforce are seeking the flexibility that temporary work provides. And American companies are snapping up these flexible-seeking workers to meet their fluctuating staffing needs and manage labor costs.

As the landscape of both the American workforce and the tenets of managing labor costs evolve, staffing agencies are poised to connect these two sectors and create a win-win scenario. The staffing industry is growing by leaps and bounds to meet the needs of job candidates and employers with services tailored to both sides of the employment equation.

So, from an employer’s perspective, what should you look for when seeking the right agency to assist with your staffing needs?
• Demonstration of the depth of an agency’s recruiting process. Anyone can Google for potential candidates. Ask the staffing agency “What can you do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?” Question the layers involved in their recruiting process and ask for the names of companies with whom the firm has had a long-term relationship.

• Transparency concerning fees. Request a breakdown of the costs involved in contracting with this agency. Let it be known that you would expect a full disclosure, no-hidden-fees approach to billing. It’s acceptable to seek evidence that their services are worth the cost.

• A level of communication that delivers. Be on the lookout for anything that suggests their attention to communicating with client companies is one-sided, haphazard or, heaven forbid, a “we’ll call you… (maybe)” approach. Do they appear to understand the two-way street involved in effective communication? In other words, do they do all the talking but none of the listening? The importance of consistency, clarity, and consideration cannot be overstated when it comes to communication.

• A targeted versus trial and error approach to candidate recommendations. Query their past and current clients concerning this firm’s methodology when suggesting candidates. Steer clear of agencies who go with the “spray and pray” or “post and pray” – the blast ’em with all the resumes we’ve got route. It’s better to admit none of their candidates are a good fit than to submit a pile of resumes that are unlikely to be of interest or adequately fill open positions.

• Expertise in your field. It’s simple – your staffing needs will be better met by a firm with a degree of technical knowledge and industry “know-how” about your field than by a firm who knows little about your sector of the business world. It’s not necessary for the agency to be considered an expert in all the fields you represent, but the more they know, the better they can understand your needs.

Since 1898, B. Loehr Staffing has been committed to supporting our clients’ growth plans and helping them maintain optimal staffing efficiency. We offer a reliable resource to meet the rapidly changing business environment that can force quick, significant shifts in workforce requirements. Contact us today for assistance with all your staffing needs.