Finding Your Passion Through Work

It can be difficult to narrow down your passion in life today, especially when it comes to work. Despite this, it can still be done if you know where to look. We will outline a host of steps in this post that will show you how to find your passion through work in today’s high-paced, competitive world.

Passion is Defined on an Individual Basis

When it comes to work or life, the word passion is defined on an individual basis. Others cannot tell you what passion means to you. Only you can define the word when going to work each day. You might have a passion for what you do right now, saying that it is why you were put on this Earth, or you might just get excited about your work because it is fun. Either way, these are different definitions of passion.

Passion Comes from Knowledge

Believe it or not, passion comes from knowledge. Many individuals who are just joining the working world will have trouble getting passionate about a job or a career-path because they have limited knowledge of the working world. As the send more time in the working world, they will be able to know what passion actually is.

Seven Parts to Passion at Work

Passion at work can be found when seven items are present; what you want to do, what you want to learn, what you want to reach, who you want to be surrounded by, what causes you to perform your best work, where are these places found and which project to you want to challenge yourself with at work? When you answer all of these questions, you can find passion on the job.

Passion is Also Energy

You will be more energized at work when you find your passion on the job. This helps people who are in the latter stages of their career stay energized. Physical energy is very difficult to come by at an older age, but energy can be acquired when you do something that you have an affinity for in life or in work.

Find Passion Using Compassion

An excellent tip here is that passion is just as important as compassion. When you only focus on the passion in your work life, you are being selfish to those around you. Take what you have learned during your search for passion and turn it into compassion when you have the opportunity to do so.

Passion is in an Overlap of Work Life

As it stands now, passion can be found in an overlap of your current work life. You might not find the answers to all seven parts of passion, but if you find the answers to some of them, you will put yourself in an excellent position.

If you take the time to find all seven parts of your work passion, you will be able to increase the idea of what it is you are looking for in your work life. Call B. Loehr Staffing and speak with people whose passion is helping others find a career they can be passionate about.

Life After Long-Term Unemployment – Getting Back on the Employment Wagon

It can be emotionally draining and upsetting to be unemployed for a prolonged period, especially if you have never gone through such a problem in your career. There is life after long-term unemployment though. You can get back on the employment wagon by following some of the tips outlined in this post. You should not let unemployment get you down, but should instead do everything possible to turn it into a positive situation.

Work Consulting Jobs

If you have been unemployed for a month or so now, and feel that it will last longer, then you might want to consider working consulting jobs. This will help you close the employment gap on your resume. You will be able to keep your job skills fresh and even improve them, or add new ones, while you are still looking for full-time work.

Pursue a Passion or Hobby

If the career path you chose out of school kept you from enjoying a hobby or life passion, then take this time to enjoy whatever makes you truly happy. Whether you have wanted to travel the country, learn to sail, or build a patio, make sure you get to do so while unemployed. Once you find a new job, you might not be able to do so again until you hit retirement. Who knows, by pursuing your passion or hobby, you might find a new career path that can lead to employment sooner rather than later!

Take Time to Volunteer

Volunteer work should be done as often as possible, but you will really have time to perform some when you are unemployed. Even though you are unemployed, and might feel stuck in a rut, there are always others out there who are at more of a disadvantage than you. Take the time to perform some volunteer work because it will uplift your spirits and could provide you with some job leads down the road. And don’t forget to use volunteer time as a chance to network. You never know who else is hiring.

Exercise Regularly

Another way to survive long-term unemployment is by exercising regularly. When you have a routine activity slated on your schedule, it will make life a little bit easier when you get up each morning. Even though you do not have the regular schedule of going to work and coming home at night, you still have something rigid on your calendar when you perform an exercise routine. As you reach different fitness milestones, you will not only be getting healthier, but you also will be helping your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Being unemployed for a prolonged period can drain your confidence and energy levels. There are plenty of things you can do in order to fix the situation. If you use just one of the tips from this post, you should have no trouble getting through a period of unemployment. Contact B. Loehr Staffing today to begin working with a staffing firm to find your next job.

Millennials in Missouri’s Workforce – What are their benefits?

Millennials are some of the most popular hires for companies these days, for a multitude of reasons. Millennials will be more prone to work in teams, will produce at a high level, and know technology extremely well. If your company needs to hire for open positions, be sure to consider bringing in some millennials for your staff.

Millennials Produce at High Levels

Millennials in the Missouri workforce are known for their high production levels. They want to be challenged while at work, have a busy schedule and do everything possible to succeed in their career. This means that they will do whatever it takes to meet deadlines and submit projects on time and correctly at all costs. Don’t you want to have employees who constantly want to take on new challenges? When this happens, your company will succeed within its industry, and benefit from the fresh perspective millennials bring to an organization.

Millennials Like Working in Teams

Millennials are more prone to work in teams when at the office. They worked in teams all throughout their academic careers and learned how to excel in that environment. This preference will shift over to their professional careers. They like to speak their mind, offer up ideas at the office, and can handle criticism about their work and how they handle adversity at the office.

Millennials Know Technology

Millennials are one of the first groups of employees that grew up with all of the technology we have today. They do not know what it is like to live without a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, cloud-based services and text messaging. This means that millennials will be able to handle any type of technology needed for the job in which they are hired. They will also be able to help their co-workers with any technology issues that might arise. They will not have to go through time and cost extensive training, and will be able to quickly pick up any technology involved with their position.

Speak with a representative from B. Loehr Staffing today to discuss why it is important to hire millennials in the Missouri workforce.

6 Ways to Start Handling (and Eliminating) Stress

Everyone will suffer from stress during their lifetime, whether it is related to work, family life, school or friends. People need to find new ways to handle all levels of stress, including how to eliminate it from their life altogether. This can be a difficult task to complete, but it does not have to be impossible. If you follow the six tips to handle and eliminate stress in this post, you should be stress-free at work, at school or at home in the near future.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

One of the most obvious tips for handling and eliminating stress is to avoid unnecessary stress. This almost  goes without saying, but it is still very important. If you can avoid the unnecessary stress in your life, it can be a huge difference maker. This includes not associating with people who cause you stress, by avoiding activities that cause you stress and by avoiding topics of discussion that cause you stress.

Change a Stressful Situation

Another good idea for handling stress is to change the situation in which you are placed. If the situation is completely unavoidable, try to change it as much as possible. This can be done by being more assertive, letting your concerns be known to the people around you in the situation, and having willingness to compromise and manage your time better.

Adapt to the Item Causing the Stress

If a situation that causes you stress cannot be changed, or avoided, you should try to adapt to the stressor. Do your best to view stressful situations in a more positive light, change some of your standards to make it a less stressful situation, take a look at the big picture and always focus on the positives in your life during a stressful situation.

Accept What You Cannot Change

A very important tip to handling and eliminating stress is to accept the things that you cannot change in life. A major cause of stress today is trying to control things that cannot be controlled. When you eliminate this from your life, you should have no trouble at all with stress. You should also speak with a trusted friend or family member about your stress. Simply talking about what causes you stress can help to alleviate some of it from your life.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We hear it on the news each night, but not many people do it. We need to get anywhere from 6.5 to eight hours of sleep per night if we want to be healthy. A good night’s sleep helps the body refresh itself both mentally and physically. The less sleep you get at night, the more likely it is that you will suffer from some type of stress.

Pick Up a New Hobby

When stress begins to overwhelm your life, it is a good idea to pick up a new hobby. Do something that makes you feel good or brings happiness to your life. This will help to limit the amount of stress in your life.

Contact B. Loehr Staffing today to discuss reducing your stress by having them help you find a position that is a perfect fit for you.