Should You Fill Your Resume with Keywords?

This question is asked often by job seekers across the country, and the answers have varied greatly. The answer you receive depends on whom you speak to about this issue. Whether you are new to the workforce or are looking for your fifth job, this is a very important topic to discuss. We will look at both possible answers to this question and how it can affect your job search for the better or for the worse.

Yes, Do It Right Now!

As you can see, the first answer we will discuss is “Yes you should fill your resume with keywords!” This is an excellent way to get noticed by employers, especially those who use Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems are used to scan resumes submitted to companies electronically in order to save time on the part of human resource employees. No longer do employers have to sift through paper copies of resumes to find the best candidates for open jobs.

Also, using industry-specific keywords throughout your resume gives you more credibility as an applicant. Any job seeker can say they know their way around their given field, but using appropriate lingo and jargon from that field, and applying it to your current or past positions and how you performed in each, proves your strength and knowledge you have garnered from those positions.

No, Absolutely Do Not Employ This Method!

One reason not to do this type of marketing ploy is that this it can come across as keyword spamming. You definitely do not want to spam the employer with your resume because their software program will catch it and it will be tossed from their candidate pool. This will prevent you from receiving a call about a job interview and you will likely have burnt a bridge with the company at the same time.

To appropriately incorporate keywords into a resume, you should only use them where they actually fit and make sense, not just throw them into every line or title.

The bottom line here, when looking at the positives and the negatives, is that you should never fill your resume with keywords. Use them sporadically throughout the content of the resume, much like you would when writing content for the web, but do not spam a potential employer.

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The 5 Questions You Should Ask at the End of Your Interview

You prepared for the interview by researching the company and how to answer common interview questions. You practiced professional anecdotes so you could give strong examples of your skills and abilities. You built rapport and asked intelligent questions throughout the interview. Now the meeting is drawing to a close. What questions can you ask at the end of the interview that will leave the interviewer with the best possible impression?

What attributes have made people successful in this position?
This question shows that you are thinking about how to excel in the position. You can then demonstrate that you possess all the attributes the interviewer lists as required for success.

What will a typical day on the job look like?
The answer will give you a realistic view of what your job will be like every day. Listen for any red flags that might indicate that this is not the job for you.

What will be expected of me at 30, 60, 90 days?
Get an idea of how demanding the position will be. Are their expectations reasonable? Does it seem like you will be able to accomplish what they ask? What tools will you be given to ensure success?

How will my success be measured?
Learn what metrics you will be expected to meet? This will give you an idea of what is most important to the employer and if you will be evaluated on something you can control. You can also look for red flags here. For example, in a sales position, will you be evaluated on results — how many deals you close or how much revenue you produce or will you be evaluated on process — how many phone calls or appointments you make?

Can you tell me how this job fits into the rest of the organization?
The answer will tell you a bit about the status of the role, the other teams you may be expected to interact with and show that you are looking at the interests of the company as a whole.

Once you’ve had each of these questions answered satisfactorily, close by expressing interest in the job and asking what the next steps will be.

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5 Ways to Improve Personal Workplace Productivity

Being productive at work is easier said than done, especially if you enjoy being around your co-workers and always have something fun to talk about. As nice as it is to build relationships with those who work around you; it can also be detrimental if not controlled. We have put together a list of the top 5 ways to improve personal workplace productivity in this post.

Stay Organized

This seems pretty obvious and straightforward, but it is very important. The more you stay organized, the more productive you will be at work. This includes having a clean office, clutter-free desk and even an organized home. Organization is contagious. If you are organized at home, it will carry over to work.

Always Plan Accordingly 

No matter how many projects you are scheduled to work on, you should always plan accordingly. This will help you schedule time for various projects and determine which tasks are the most important. When you make the calendar, you can break down the tasks individually so they are completed on time.

Check Items of a To-Do List 

One of the best ways to be productive at work, and avoid procrastination, is to create a to-do list. Major projects should be divided into smaller, achievable tasks, so that when you complete each one, you can check off another item. This will make you feel good about your work and make you want to push harder down the list to complete every item.

Do Not Hesitate to Take a Break

One of the most important things you can do to increase your productivity is to take a break every so often. It is impossible to work eight straight hours and keep your brain focused on the tasks at hand. The more you give your brain a rest, the more productive you will be at work. We are talking about chatting with a co-worker for two minutes or grabbing a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. This will help clear your mind, preparing you for the next task.

Communicate Clearly

In order to be productive, you need to communicate with your co-workers, supervisors and even clients as clearly as possible. When calling or emailing, make sure that you have all of the information. Do not hesitate to ask questions because this will help you to understand what is required of you during the project. The more you understand up-front, the more productive you will be when working.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture this Year

Improving company culture is a major goal of businesses across the country. You might be wondering what the best methods are for improving culture at your company. Well, we have compiled three excellent methods that you should implement this year in order to improve the culture at your business. An improved company culture can lead to happier employees and incredible success for the business as a whole.

Employ a No-Door Policy

Thousands of businesses around the country talk of having an ‘open-door’ policy. Well, the fact of the matter is that if you want to change the company culture at your office, you should employ the use of a ‘no-door’ policy. This means that everyone’s doors, including those of the executives, should be left open at all times. This will help employees of all levels feel comfortable and welcome with each other.

In this category, open communication is also key. Information should be provided to your staff as often as possible. This prevents gossip and rumors from swirling around the office. More information will also mean that your employees will know exactly what it is the company needs from them.

Discuss Your Company Vision

A business needs to know what its vision is prior to discussing it with staff members. The company must understand what its vision and goals are before the staff can visualize how they will be responsible for making these items come to fruition.

A company’s vision should include its policies for customer service, goals for operational excellence and how the business defines performance. The most challenging aspect of this category is finding the best way to describe the vision so employees at all levels understand what it is the company is looking for from them.

Celebrate Employee Milestones and Reward Excellence

One of the best ways to improve company culture this year is to celebrate employee milestones. It is important for companies to honor employees who have dedicated years of service and who have gone above and beyond their job duties.

Another part of this category is rewarding excellence. There is every reason why you should reward employees for doing an excellent job on projects and other areas of their jobs when the time comes.

Any business that employs these three methods will see the office culture improve greatly.  Contact the professionals at B. Loehr Staffing today to discuss recruiting and other business topics. If you are looking for recruiting agencies in Saint Louis, contact our experts today.