How to Determine Your Cost of Hire | Calculator Breakdown

Hiring new employees can be very costly, especially if you are hiring the wrong candidates for open positions. You do not want to waste the time of your hiring managers or the candidates, which is why your screening process needs to be incredibly strong. Part of that process is determining what the cost of your new hire is going to be from the minute they start working the job. You can do this using the hiring calculator that can be found on the Resources page of our website, in the Client Toolbox.

Eliminate Bad Hires

One of the benefits of the calculator tool is eliminating bad hires at your company. Bad hires include workers who leave the position after one year or less on the job, those who do not last a week and those who hurt the corporate culture of the company while employed. These bad hires will cost you not only time, but also money. Your hiring manager is getting paid for conducting interviews and training sessions and that money is wasted when it turns out to be a bad hire.

Cost of Hiring Calculator

The cost of hiring calculator from B. Loehr Staffing can help you figure out how much money your company can save when hiring using B. Loehr’s Temp-To-Hire program. All you need to do is plug in the appropriate information and then calculate the costs.

Take for example, an employee who makes $15 per hour at one of your jobs. All you do is enter this salary in the compensation per hour box and the calculator figures out the rest, including the employee’s annual salary. The rest of the calculator then computes FICA, state unemployment tax, federal unemployment tax, fringe benefits, recruitment and hiring costs, administrative costs all based on state or national averages. To customize the results, you can override the average rates with your company’s actual costs.

The final box of the calculator shows the actual salary, cost and benefits. So, despite an employee being paid $15 per hour at $31,200 per year, the company actually pays $51,532. To determine how much your company can save when using B. Loehr Staffing to recruit and hire employees, you need to call for their hourly pay rate. You then can plug that rate into the calculator and find out how much your company will save when using B. Loehr Staffing.

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Email and Text Rule Book for Temp Employees

Temporary employees, often called Field Associates, move around from job to job quite often, sometimes multiple times every couple of months. When this happens, Field Associates need to learn new rules and regulations at each company they are assigned to so they do not cause any problems. Many Field Associates will be given free reign of the workplace so they can do their job to the best of their ability. Others will be subject to more strict rules than some full-time workers based on company rules. One of the biggest issues Field Associates have is how to handle emails and text messages.

Do Not Text at Work

As a general rule, it is best to refrain from accepting and writing personal text messages while at work. You should be concentrating on your duties, whether or not you are employed for two weeks or six months. Many full-time workers will feel more comfortable texting while at work because they have a longer leash with their supervisors. Field Associates might be viewed as easily replaceable, so do not give the company a reason to end your assignment.

Leave Phones Out of Meetings

We understand that you can put your phone on silent or vibrate, but when working, be sure to keep the phone out of any meetings unless told to bring it with you. You do not need any distractions during meetings, especially phone calls or text messages. Answering any of these during a meeting will hurt your reputation.

Email Messaging and Internet Use

Whatever the status of your employment at a company, it is very unprofessional to read your personal emails while at work on the company computers. You should also refrain from browsing the internet. This includes staying off sports websites, refraining from online shopping and not reading the news. You can do all of this when on your lunch break. You might even want to wait to do all of this upon your return home at the end of the day.

Use Company Email for Business

Do not use the company email for anything other than business associated with the company. You should never, ever apply for a new job with the company email. Doing so is not only unprofessional it might very keep you from getting the job when the potential employer observes how you use your work time now.  Information exchanged over the company email client should be kept confidential, which is why you should never use the account for personal matters. The information could wind-up in the wrong hands.

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Referral Programs: Better Employees, Happier Co-Workers

Many companies use employee referral programs to find top talent within their industry. These programs offer a multitude of benefits not only to the candidates referred, but to the referring employee, and the company as well. Keep these four benefits of employee referrals in mind when deciding for yourself whether or not this program would be an asset to your company:

Referrals are Typically of High Quality 

For the most part, a referral from one of your employees will be of high quality because they are putting their reputation on the line with you. An employee will screen their referral pretty thoroughly before deciding to refer that person to you. They do not want to be known for referring workers who are always late, never meet deadlines, and who contribute negatively to the company’s culture.

Compensation to Employee Boosts Morale

Most employee referral programs reward employees with some form of compensation. This can include a monetary bonus, a gift card or extra paid time off. The employee will be issued their bonus after the referred employee has been with the company for a specific period of time. When the bonus is issued, the employee will likely have their morale boosted and want to refer more employees in the future when jobs become available.

Replacement of Old Candidate Search Methods

There are some companies out there that rely mostly on employee referrals to hire the best talent available. This helps them save money since they no longer have to advertise open jobs in newspapers or on internet job boards. When you move closer to an employee referral program, your company’s success rate could soar.

Networks Help Hiring

When it comes to hiring for jobs that have specializations, employee referral programs can help make the hiring process much easier. Employees typically associate with peers from within their industry or specialization, which means they will know others who could fill open jobs at your company. Sometimes, these jobs with high-level specializations can be difficult to fill through the conventional channels, which is why a network can make it easier.

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5 Morning Rituals for a Productive Day

Being productive at the office can be difficult for some people, especially with all of the distractions presented throughout the day. These distractions can include mingling with co-workers, playing games on the internet, having bad snacking habits and much more. If you want to get away from these distractions and be productive, follow the five morning rituals outlined in this article.

Add Exercise to Your Routine

One of the best things you can do to remove distractions while at work is to add exercise to your routine. Make sure it does not last any longer than seven minutes. Why? Seven minutes is the perfect amount of time to perform exercise that will help wake you up and not take up too much time. Seven minutes of exercise will not set your schedule back too far, causing you to miss an item or two on your checklist.

Have a Green Smoothie

An excellent way to reduce the distractions throughout the day is to have a green smoothie in the morning. Use the smoothie to replace eggs, cereal, a breakfast sandwich or a bagel. The smoothie should include some of your favorite fruits and takes less time to make than it does to toast a bagel. It is also very inexpensive to make.

Set 3 Goals for the Day

You also need to set three goals for the day that you want to achieve prior to returning home. These goals can be associated with work or your personal life, but must be accomplished before you walk back into your house. You want to be able to discuss achieving these goals with your spouse or significant other upon your return.

Use Your Calendar

Always use your calendar to help reach your goals. Log to-do items in your calendar and schedule enough time for each one. Whether you are working on daily, weekly, or monthly projects, they should all have blocks marked off in your calendar.

Regroup After Lunch

Take about 15 minutes to yourself following lunch to regroup and see where you are in your schedule. Figure out if you are ahead of schedule for your daily tasks or have fallen behind. Do this in private, away from your computer and phone, so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. By doing this, you will be able to figure out how you fell behind in your schedule and what you need to do to make sure it does not happen again.

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5 Tips for Fighting Summer Slowdown and Getting Work Done

Working during the summer months can be extremely difficult for many people, especially when the weather is beautiful. The dog days of summer can cause many companies to see a slip in productivity. Do not let your dreams of being on a white, sandy beach derail you from the task at hand. Follow the five tips for fighting summer slowdown in this post, and you will be able to get work done as summer rolls along.

Change Your Schedule

One of the first things you can do is alter your schedule. You do not need to make drastic changes to accomplish this. For instance, do not work overnight hours in order to enjoy the sunlight during the day. Instead, work what is called a donut day. A donut day means that you will work in the morning and the evening. You can take the afternoon off to enjoy time with your children and the outdoors. Working in the morning and evening still provides you plenty of time to meet with clients and accomplish your daily tasks.

Have an Office to Use

Whether you work from home or in a rented office building, be sure that you have a personal workspace. Your office needs to have the ability to shut you out from the rest of the world. This means that you go into the office to get away from family, friends and co-workers. You can also hide from the beautiful weather outside so you are not tempted to head outdoors and fail to complete work.

Take a Vacation

Consider scheduling your annual vacation during the summer months, but make sure it is a real vacation. This means that you should not have any access to work email or voicemail while out of the office. A real vacation will help you relax, enjoy the world and decompress from the stresses of the job. Do not even think about bringing any work with you on vacation either. This is a major no-no.

Use To-Do Lists

To-do lists are very common and more important than you might think. When you use a to-do list, it makes getting work done much easier. Stay away from the internet, specifically social media, during the workday. This will distract you for hours on end and can lead to a very unproductive day on the job.

Perform Work That Suits Your Mood

If you can’t focus right away at the office, spend your first hour doing daily tasks, like sending email and creating an up-to-date to-do list. Once those tasks are out of the way and you acclimate to your office setting, you can feel more focused and ready to tackle bigger challenges.

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