What is Temp-to-Hire and Why Do Employers Want it?

If you have openings at your company but lack the time to find a new staff member, the temp-to-hire alternative is a great alternative. A temp-to-hire position doesn’t require your company to hire the person, helps save you money and if they aren’t working out you can easily move on to another candidate. Pay, insurance and other benefits are decided by you, and you don’t lose money by offering benefits to a person until you are ready to hire them.

About Temp-to-Hire Positions

Temp-to-hire positions are similar to temporary positions, except there is the option of being hired as a staff member of your company if they are working out well. There are benefits for the employee and employer with this type of situation. By hiring temp-to-hire employees, you are providing employees a regular paycheck, reviewing their work, and promising to hire them at a later date if their work is up to your standards, and you have a staff position available. In most cases, this goes through a temporary staffing company, which helps take a lot of the time and effort off you.

Benefits to the Employee

Temp-to-hire employees benefit in a number of ways. First of all, they are able to earn a steady paycheck.  While many of these candidates are not able to find a staff positions, given the opportunity of a Temp-To-Hire position these candidates are more than willing to work their hardest and have plenty of qualifications. By taking temp-to-hire positions, they not only earn a paycheck, but there is the possibility of being hired later on. Plus, they get their foot in the door and are able to show their skills and experience to their supervisors, which improves their chances of being hired. It is also great for people who don’t yet have a lot of work experience, but want to show how hard they work and can add this experience to their resume.

Benefits to the Employer

As the employer, you also benefit from the temp-to-hire arrangement. Rather than having to take the time and effort associated with the hiring process the temporary staffing company will; recruit, screen, test and qualify candidates for your position.  Temp-To-Hire ensures you get a staff member who can perform the job and who fits into your culture.  During the Temp-To-Hire period you get to observe how the candidate works on a daily basis, how they pay attention to the quality of their work, note if they an meet deadlines, review their attendance, and determine if they are a right cultural fit for your company. If for some reason they aren’t a good fit, you are under no obligation to hire them full-time.  Temp-To-Hire will also help you reduce turnover because both you and the employee will have had the time to really know this position fits.

If you want to know more about the cost of doing your own hiring use the Cost Of Hiring Calculator that can be found in the Client Toolbox on the Resources page of our website.

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Careers in Machine Operations – Saint Louis Job Seeker Tips

Are you a natural problem solver with strong analytical skills and currently seeking employment? If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, it may be time to ask yourself a fourth question: have you considered a career as a Machine Operator? Machine operators, sometimes referred to as machinists, work with heavy machinery from initial setup all the way through operation. They may work either with computer-controlled equipment or more hands on with mechanically based machines to make sure they are set up correctly, in proper working order, and producing quality product.  In a nutshell, a machine operator is basically a builder, fabricator, mechanic, craftsman, and quality assurance specialist all rolled into one.

With a starting annual income of approximately $35,000.00, becoming a machine operator is an excellent career path for the right individuals. Because of their broad range of skills and ability to fulfill multiple needs, machine operators are greatly valued and coveted in strong business places. Key skills and requirements necessary for a career as a machine operator include:

  • Strong eye for detail. Machine operators work with precision equipment so it is absolutely essential to always pay keen attention to detail. Even being off by a few millimeters in this position could prove detrimental.
  • Math and analytical skills. A strong math foundation coupled with the ability to analyze is helpful when reading complex instructions, determining how schematics work, and ensuring all items are designed and built correctly.
  • Great stamina. Machine operators often work very long hours doing repetitive movements. If a machine is not working at peak performance, the machine operator must be able to quickly find the problem, fix the errors, and increase output.
  • Technical and mechanical aptitude. While some machines are strictly mechanical and will require the machine operator to understand the ins and outs of how they work, other machines will be computer-controlled, so the machine operator will instead need to work with CAD/CAM technology.

To succeed in the profession, machine operators should ideally have a strong combination of experience and education in math, problem-solving, and computer skills. Missouri’s own B. Loehr Staffing maintains a strong relationship with some of the best companies in St. Louis and prides itself on helping the next generation of machine operators find the job that will be the right fit for them. If you are interested in machine operator job opportunities in St. Louis, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing to get your foot in the door today!