How to Succeed in Business through Social Networking

Succeeding in the ultra-competitive business world can be very difficult these days, but it can be achieved through social networking. Social networks can and should be used for more than just catching up with family and old friends. Take advantage of all that the networks have to offer when it comes to being a successful businessperson. We will discuss some of the most common methods for being successful in business through social networking in this post.

Keep Up With Industry Developments

One of the most frustrating facts about living in 2014 is how quickly your education can become obsolete. But there is no need to rest on your degree. Stay on up-to-date on new technologies or business developments by joining social networking groups. Follow companies in your industry on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You’ll be notified when they make announcements or press releases.

LinkedIn is a particularly rich resource. Follow the careers and writing of thought leaders in business and your field. Join groups to ask or answer questions or start a dialogue with others in your field.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Following thought leaders is a good way to start, but using social networking can help you to become a leader within your industry yourself. This can be done by interacting with other professionals from within your industry on networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

The more you post relevant content and insights about your job or career industry, the more likely it is that you will become an industry leader. This will help you build a social network presence and could even lead to better job opportunities down the line.

Receive Immediate Feedback

One of the best things about social networking is that you can receive immediate feedback on what you post. Sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook make it easy for your clients or customers to offer you instant feedback about a product, a service or a presentation.

Success in the business world depends on hearing both positive and negative feedback. You can then take this feedback and make the necessary changes in order to become a business success.

Strengthen Your Network

Reconnecting with old colleagues or managers is great – it can help you both in your current job and to build a long-range career vision. Reminding them about your great work ethic, how well you fit in to company culture, or how you helped new employees become acclimated to the work environment can spark a reconnection between you and these supervisors – who may be potential clients for your current company.

Further, these long-term connections can help build a network for years to come – people who you can share leads with, discuss industry developments or exchange skills and best practices.

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High-Performing Employees – How to Create Them

In companies all across the country, it can be common for someemployees to perform at a sub-par level. Managers are tasked with finding ways to turn these employees into high-performing employees. This can be done using a variety of different methods, all of which we will discuss in this post. You might not have to use all of these methods, but utilizing at least one or two of them can turn your workplace into a high-performing one in a matter of days.

Create Performance Expectations for Employees

The first step you must take in creating high-performing employees is to create performance expectations for them. When a company comes up with these expectations, they must include tangible goals and skills that each employee needs to be successful. For example, one expectation would be that the employee must close x-amount of sales per month. But, the skills the employee must have include strong communication and excellent cooperation with co-workers. Setting these expectations in advance leaves no room for error, doubt, or the “I didn’t know” excuse in performance.

Engage Employees More Often

When employees are engaged and involved at work, they are more likely to be high-performing on a consistent basis. People want to work for a company where they feel that they are making a difference with their job. They will also tend to work harder if they know they will not be assigned menial tasks or pointless work. This is true even for employees who are earning a lower salary. If they know they are making a difference, they will tend to work harder. Find ways that work for keeping your employees engaged, and you will most likely see a drastic improvement in their performance level.

Be Transparent

Companies that are transparent with their employees will see a more productive workplace evolve. Employees who are privy to information about the company, including its numbers and data, are more likely to work hard to help with the success. They will take a larger sense of ownership in their work and their duties.

Allow Them to Take Initiative

Many high-performing employees will want to take initiative in what they do each day at the office. This is known as a self-directed approach that allows the employee to take control of their career and where they want to go within the company. It also allows the employee to take control of what needs to be done in order to help the company succeed.

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