Improve Employee Performance with these 5 Snacks

Providing lunch for employees every day may not be a feasible option; however, keeping snacks on hand throughout the office can be a great method to improve both employee performance and ROI for your business. While fast and low-cost snacks may appear to be the obvious go to when choosing food for the office, it is important to provide healthy snacks that will keep energy levels and productivity up. Consider these tasty, low cost snacks that will keep your employees going throughout the day and help boost your bottom line:

  • Raw carrots. When you’re craving something crunchy, raw carrots are the perfect snack. In addition to filling the afternoon stomach void, raw carrots are packed with nutrients and don’t cause a spike in blood sugar, which simultaneously prevents sugar crashes and helps retain focus on the job.
  • Dark chocolate. Surprised? In moderation, dark chocolate can be a great snack! Dark chocolate is known to protect against memory loss and boost blood flow and nutrients to the brain. Remember, though: moderation is key. Instead of whole bars, offer employees miniature bars or small morsels in individual packages.
  • Green tea. Although coffee provides an excellent kick of caffeine, especially when the day is just beginning, it can also leave you feeling low and sluggish once the initial jolt of energy wears off. Green tea provides a more sustained stream of energy and is attributed to reducing stress and anxiety, resulting in more productivity with less of a caffeine crash.
  • String cheese. Believe it or not, this childhood favorite snack can actually help keep your employees alert throughout the duration of the work day! String cheese is full of calcium and protein with a relatively low amount of calories per stick.
  • Berries and other fruit. Many berries are associated with boosting learning capacity, protecting the brain against stress, and improving coordination. Plus, they are easy to keep in bulk and provide a handful as a snack for a mid-day boost.

Even if your budget does not allow room for daily company lunches, small healthy snacks are an excellent low-cost method to keep employees happy and productive throughout the day while also greatly benefiting your bottom line! B. Loehr Staffing prides itself on being Missouri’s number one staffing solution, from finding top candidates in Saint Louis to providing helpful business tips and resources. For more information on improving employee performance, contact Missouri’s best hiring firm at B. Loehr Staffing today! If you are looking for employment agencies in St Louis MO, contact us today.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Online Job Posting

Posting open jobs online is one of the best ways to find top talent in the competitive job market today for your company. There are four very important aspects of an online job posting that your company must use to be successful. Those four aspects are the title of the description, the location, the keywords used in the description and even the URL of the description.

The Title Needs to be Generic

Titles for online job descriptions need to be as generic as possible. When you use job titles that include a host of numbers for the level of the job because you want your internal employees to understand, it can deter top talent from other companies from applying.

It is understandable that you want to post job openings for internal and external candidates, but the titles should be as generic as possible. One excellent tip is to use the type-ahead feature and find terms commonly searched for related to your job openings. You can then use those terms for your title.

Determine Location of Candidates 

Before writing your online job description you need to determine how far you want candidates to come from when applying. The location of your candidates is very important. You want to hire the best candidates possible for your company, but you don’t want to have to pay for multiple relocations.

You should begin your search locally. You will find the best talent located close to your company. In the description, make it clear where the company is located. You could even make it known that you would prefer employees who live within certain mileage of the office so you know they can commute daily.

Keywords Make Job Descriptions Successful

The most successful job descriptions utilize keywords not only in the title, but also the body of the description. The keywords should include the location of the job, abbreviations and even certifications. The best job descriptions utilize 4-7 keyword combinations throughout the entire description.

Use Customizable URLs

Job descriptions posted online should also have customized URLs. The URL should include the city where the job is located or a common keyword used throughout the description. Common words such as ‘the,’ ‘and’, ‘of’ and ‘an’ should be removed. Do not add anymore than 3-5 extra words in the URL following the main web address for the job posting.

Contact the professional staff at B. Loehr Staffing today to discuss the best ways to write online job descriptions for open positions at your company. If you are looking for a recruiting agency in St. Louis, contact our team today.