How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Throughout the years, many of us have the pleasure of working with great colleagues, bosses, or employees. In today’s digital era, many recruiters and HR managers do a great deal of scouting on LinkedIn and one of the areas they look at are a potential candidate’s recommendations. If you have had a positive work experience with someone, chances are, you are more than happy to write them a recommendation – but what should you write?

For many of us, sitting down and writing a recommendation for someone takes much longer than anticipated and deciding what to write is often the biggest challenge. Fortunately, writing a great recommendation for an outstanding colleague is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. If you want to publicly acknowledge someone for a job well done by writing a LinkedIn recommendation, follow these simple steps and you’ll have a stellar review ready in no time!

  • Describe your relationship. Provide some context around how you know the person and in what capacity you worked together. While your recommendee’s LinkedIn profile should cover the history of their work details, you will want to let readers know why you are qualified to be giving this particular person a recommendation and why your work relationship was a positive one.
  • Highlight their best trait. Think about the number one skill the person you are recommending does best or stands out to you the most and focus on that key attribute. If you have difficult choosing just one or two traits, do not be afraid to ask the person if there is anything specific they would like you to emphasize in your recommendation.
  • Give a solid recommendation. End your recommendation with a final line that makes it crystal clear that you give your contact a glowing review for a job well done! You do not need to go overboard here; short, sweet, and solid is your best bet.

Making sure your contact shines on LinkedIn is a piece of cake! If you keep your recommendation concise and focus on the work you did together and why you would recommend them, you will have a glowing LinkedIn recommendation posted and visible before you know it. Looking for great candidates of your own to fill your company’s vacant positions? Contact B. Loehr Staffing today to learn more about finding top quality job candidates on social media sites!

The Cost of a Bad Hire in Missouri

The Cost of a Bad Hire in Missouri

A bad hire in Missouri can cost your company a lot more than you think. You are spending your time, money, and energy for the hiring process, training the employee, having then to fire the employee, and paying even more. It affects your business income, team morale, and productivity for a good deal of time even after they’re gone and you hire a new employee.

What is the Cost?

Employers in Missouri often don’t consider exactly what the cost of a bad hire is, but it can be quite devastating to your business income. According to the U.S. Department of labor, the average cost for a bad hire is about 30 percent of the candidate’s first year of earnings. You are not just losing out on the pay and benefits you gave the employee, along with the time and money spent for the hiring process, but for potential and disastrous mistakes they made along the way that hurt your business. It also lowers productivity in the workplace and even affects morale of your other workers. You are then spending even more time and money training another candidate and hoping this one works out.

Tips for Preventing a Bad Hire

If you want to avoid the costs of a bad hire in Missouri, there are a few steps you can take during the hiring process to be sure you have chosen the right candidate.

Take Time to Prepare – The first step of hiring coms before you ever post a job listing. During this step, you are preparing to hire a new employee, including looking at what the job entails and describing in detail what the perfect candidate is like. These details not only help you to write the job listing, but to help you better select a good candidate.

Ask Your Front Desk for Their Opinion – If you have a job candidate come in to fill out an application or arrive for their interview, and are disrespectful to your front desk receptionist or executive assistant, that is a good sign that they aren’t the right fit. This type of behavior tends to stick around after hiring them.

List Instructions in Your Job Listing – Include a brief bit of instruction for candidates when they apply for your position. For example, in a line of the job listing, ask them to write a specific word in the subject line of the email when they send their resume. If they fail to do so, they are already showing a lack of interest and not paying attention to detail.

By following these steps, your firm will be able to operate successfully. Don’t let a bad hire cost you money. If you are looking for a staffing agency in Missouri, contact our team today.

Using Upcoming Recruiting Trends to Your Advantage – St. Louis Job Seeker Tips

Are you looking for job opportunities in St. Louis?

2013 was undoubtedly an eventful year for job seekers and hiring professionals alike and 2014 shows no signs of slowing down. If you are currently job seeking or plan to make a career change this year, consider the following recruiting trends you will want to be aware of in 2014:

  • Timing is vital. The vast majority of companies hiring in 2014 hope to fill all of their new or vacant positions by late December with much of their recruiting, interviewing, and hiring activity occurring between August and October. Because time is of the essence in recruiting, it is extremely important for job seekers to begin early so they won’t miss out on potential opportunities.
  • Skills are trumping degrees. Earning a degree is important, however, recruiters are looking for skills and experience beyond what a degree alone can offer. The specific types of skills a job seeker possesses matters more while degrees are mattering less and less each year.
  • LinkedIn is necessary. More than ever before, employers and hiring managers are scouring LinkedIn to find and recruit potential job candidates. For recruiters, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for determining what talent is available, get a glimpse of their resumes, and discover who is or isn’t able to articulate their work well.
  • Never stop learning. Ideal candidates typically possess a wide variety of talents including problem solving, critical thinking, and strong communication skills. Employers also look for candidates who work with a sense of integrity, sustain professional relationships, and are eager to continue learning and advance their skillsets beyond simply completing a task or assignment.

As the job market continues to grow and strengthen, more opportunities will become available to job seekers in 2014. Understanding the strategies recruiters utilize gives job seekers an edge on better meeting recruiter expectations and becoming the best possible candidate for a position. B. Loehr Staffing takes pride in its recruiting and training processes to present the highest quality candidates for the best Saint Louis area job openings. If you are looking for job placement assistance in Saint Louis, contact Missouri’s number one comprehensive staffing resource at B. Loehr Staffing today!

How to Catch the Eye of Your Dream Company – Saint Louis Job Seeker Tips

Standing out from the crowd can pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to job seeking. More often than not, many qualified candidates with similar skills, experience, and education will apply for the same position. In situations such as these, what will make an employer notice your resume among a sea of other equally talented applicants? The real key to getting your foot in the door with a company is dazzling the hiring manager during an interview, but you need your resume to get you there first. Consider the following tips to help you get noticed by your dream company today:

  • Boost your online presence. If you are serious about your job search, you should regularly monitor and maintain your online presence. A good place to start is Googling yourself or searching for your LinkedIn profile with applicable skillset keywords and not just your name. You would never send a recruiter an incomplete resume; treat LinkedIn the same way and make sure you have carefully completed your entire profile.
  • Think outside the box. Although creativity will come more naturally to some than others, it is an excellent way to make sure your resume gets noticed by the right people. Carefully gauge your market and make sure your plan to get noticed is relevant, well planned, and effectively executed.
  • Network whenever possible. The old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who know you” especially rings true when job seeking.  Knowing the name of the hiring manager, recruiter, or HR team at your dream company can work wonders when it comes to getting your cover letter or email in front of the right set of eyes. Doing a quick people search on professional networking sites and sending a brief but professional introductory message is a great starting point.

Catching the eye of your dream company may not be a piece of cake, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of reach, either! B. Loehr Staffing is well versed in today’s networking best practices and understands industry trends so they can put the right candidates in front of the right companies at the right time. If you are ready to finally get noticed by your dream company, contact Missouri’s best staffing resource at B. Loehr Staffing today!