The Importance of Timely Feedback in a Candidate Driven Market

The current job market is known as a candidate-driven market, where you rely on the right job candidates to help your business grow and thrive. There may be 100 people or more applying to your open position, but that doesn’t mean you have 100 excellent people to choose from. Each applicant has their strengths and weaknesses, though they won’t all make a good fit for your company. The hiring process is time consuming, but if you wait too long before contacting candidates you are interested in, you might lose the chance at hiring them for the job.

Top Qualified Candidates are in High Demand

One of the reasons it is important to provide timely feedback in a candidate-driven market is because the most qualified candidates are in high demand. You are likely not the only one who is interested in hiring them for an available position, and if you don’t act quickly enough, you will probably lose out to a company that contacted them sooner. Once you have found an interesting candidate, contact them right away, even if only to make your presence and your interest known.

Candidates Apply for Multiple Jobs

If job seekers only applied to one job at a time, it would take months to get a good job. They know employers are getting hundreds of applications and resumes, therefore to keep up with their competition, they apply for multiple positions at one time. If you are waiting weeks before contacting someone about their resume, they may have been contacted by one of the other dozen companies they applied at.

They Might Think You Aren’t Interested

Another reason you need to have that first contact quickly is that candidates might assume you aren’t interested and move on. They aren’t going to wait around for days or weeks to be contacted by you, as they automatically assume you aren’t interested or you have chosen another candidate. This makes it important in a candidate-driven market to provide timely feedback and never hold back in the first initial contact.

Even if your first feedback is to let them know you received their resume and are looking it over, it can help hold on to their interest until you have gathered a list of potential candidates you want to interview. It is worth a few minutes every day to go through who you have and provide them with a reason to still consider your company.

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4 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover in St Louis

Employee turnover is something that every company has to deal with, no matter how successful the company is or in which industry it operates. To find out the cost of turnover go to the Resources page of our website, in the Client Toolbox are links to various turnover calculators. For companies operating in St. Louis, employee turnover can be reduced using the four methods outlined in this post.

Hire Correctly from the Beginning

One of the best ways to reduce employee turnover in St. Louis is to hire correctly from the very start. This means that you need to improve your screening process and vet candidates carefully. Many experts believe that this is the single-best method to reducing employee turnover at any company. When you take special care to screen your employees thoroughly you will find that many more tend to stick around for the long-haul.

Create a Positive Workplace

Your company needs to create a positive workplace in order to reduce turnover rates for employees. The best place to start is with your managers. They see your employees and interact with them on a daily basis. If they create a workplace that is free of negativity, then employees will be more inclined to stay with your company.

Part of this includes recognizing employees for a job well done, sending an congratulatory email when a project has been completed, or providing employees with an awards ceremony once per year.

Providing the Right Compensation Package

You will want to review your compensation package for all employee levels to determine if it is something that will keep them at your company for a prolonged period. The human resource department can provide you with current data for compensation and benefits within the industry so you know what you should be offering your employees. Consider adding in flexible scheduling and bonuses to entice employees to remain at your company.

Monitor Personal Needs of Employees

Our fourth tip is to monitor the personal needs of your employees in order to reduce turnover rates. This can include offering on-site day-care for their children or emergency day-care for their children. It can also include options for telecommuting or compressed scheduling. This can be done by the human resource department, which can then issue a report on what employees need while at work to management.

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Four Ways to Land a Job After College in Missouri

Finding a job after college does not have to be as difficult as many make it out to be. In fact, it can be an easy process that does not take a lot of your time. In Missouri, finding a job can be done online, at job fairs or through networking. If you follow the four tips outlined in this post, you will have an easier time landing a job out of college in Missouri.

Take Advantage of the College Careers Office

 One of the best things you can do is to speak with counselors from your college’s careers office either before or after graduation. They will be able to point you in the right direction of available jobs within your industry. They will also be able to help you with your resume, interview techniques and your cover letter. Be sure to visit often, even after graduation, to receive all the help they can provide.

Always be Networking

 Our second tip is to network, network, network! The more people you meet within your industry, the more likely it is that someone will know of an open job or be able to provide you with a professional reference. Networking can be done on your college campus or at community events. You should also attend any available job fairs to meet hiring managers from various companies. This provides you with the chance to learn about companies in your area and if you have any interest in them.

Work with a Recruiter

 Another excellent tip is to work with a recruiter. This can be done as soon as you graduate from college, or even beforehand, so you can build up your set of skills and experience. This will help you build your resume because you will be placed in various positions within your industry. When working with a recruiter, you will be exposed to a large network of contacts and plenty of help with your resume and cover letter.

Social Media Works

 Our fourth tip is to use social media as a tool to find a job. Make sure all of your social media profiles are clean and free of any inappropriate content. Begin following companies that interest you on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You will be privy to their latest job openings and will receive notifications when they are hosting job fairs. You can even post your resume on LinkedIn for others to see. Let these sites be a marketing tool for your job search.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Even with tight project deadlines or a mile long to-do list on the agenda, maintaining productivity throughout the entire work day can be a big challenge. When the work day draws to a close, how often can you honestly say you are satisfied with what you have accomplished in the past eight hours? Although it requires a fair amount of planning and effort, productivity is fortunately something that can be continuously improved upon. When looking for ways to boost your own productivity at work throughout the new year, consider implementing the following into your daily routine:

  • Set realistic goals. One of the top reasons employees miss their goals is because they did not set a deadline. Goals should be very specific and written down in order to keep track of them. Make sure your goals are ambitious, yet attainable, and determine if they need to be completed by the end of the day, within a week, a month, or longer if necessary.
  • Designate times to read and respond to email. In today’s Digital Age, a fair portion of the work day is spent responding to emails in a timely manner. Although you may feel you need to reply to an email as soon as it is received, you can generally detect the urgency of a message by its subject line. When you stop what you are working on to respond to an email, to derail from productivity, so unless an email is absolutely urgent, try setting aside specific times to respond to your email in batches, such as when you first get to work and the last 15 minutes of the day.
  • Take breaks throughout the day. It may seem counterintuitive, but working breaks into your day can actually greatly increase your workplace productivity. When you sit at a desk for 8-10 hours per day, you will undoubtedly feel your energy levels drop. Standing up to grab a snack or take a quick walk around the building will get your blood flowing, help you feel reenergized, and able to look at your work with a fresh set of eyes.
  • Prepare for the next day. Mornings can be chaotic and it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly what you need to be working on. Before you leave work for the evening, take a few minutes to create the next day’s to-do list so it will be ready when you arrive the next morning. This will help you hit the ground running the next day and avoid forgetting anything that needs to be done.
  • Early to bed, early to rise. Going to bed late and waking up early can be detrimental to your productivity. If you are sleepy at work, chances are that the quality of your work will suffer. To bring you’re A-game and maximize your time at work, it is recommended to get eight or nine hours of sleep and wake up at least one hour before you need to leave in the morning.

Productivity is something every employee (and even employers) struggles with from time to time; however, getting yourself on the right path to maximizing your output at work does not need to be difficult! By helping you find the right discipline and providing the resources you need, B. Loehr Staffing is able to help you find the right job in Saint Louis where you can truly work towards your potential. If you are looking for St Louis staffing agencies, contact us today.