Top 5 Power Snacks to Have in the Office

Some days, the afternoon cup of coffee just isn’t enough. Especially in office environments where your employees work at their desk in front of a computer screen all day, fighting off heavy eyes after lunch can be a very real and very difficult battle. One of the best ways you can help your employees maintain their energy throughout the workday is by keeping a few of these light, low calorie snacks available and up for grabs in the office:

  • Bananas or apples with peanut butter. Nutritionists commonly recommend midday snacks that contain approximately 100 calories or 15 grams of carbohydrates. The natural sweetness in apples and bananas takes longer to metabolize than processed sugars found in candy. Adding the protein from peanut butter will give your employees that extra burst of long-lasting energy to carry them through the remainder of the afternoon.
  • Whole-grain crackers and hummus. Complex carbohydrates found in beans and whole grains are some of the best naturally occurring energy boosters that will fill you up without making you feel sluggish. Because it’s base is garbanzo beans, hummus helps curb hunger pangs with its natural fiber and oils.
  • Dried fruits and nuts. Nuts are a slow burning food that provides sustained energy thanks to their mix of good fat and protein. Dried fruits add the slight touch of sweetness alongside the additional benefit of fiber.
  • Plain nonfat yogurt and granola. Granola’s mix of grains, nuts, and dried fruit pairs perfectly with creamy, protein-packed yogurt. It’s best to keep the yogurt simple, plain, and nonfat, but feel free to keep honey on hand for workers who may want a little extra sweetness.
  • Whole-grain protein bars. Pre-packaged cereal bars can be the perfect on-the-go, energy boosting office snack. Be sure to choose bars with at least 5 grams of fiber and protein and less than 15 grams of sugar, but beware of meal replacement bars that are overloaded with calories.

Happy and energized employees are productive and efficient employees. Make sure your employees are working to their full potential by providing a few of the above mentioned simple, cost-effective snacks to keep their energy levels up throughout the workday. B. Loehr Staffing prides itself on being the premiere business resource for the greater St. Louis region. If you are looking for additional Missouri business tips and resources, contact the experts at B. Loehr Staffing or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build a Talent Pool

As social networks become more and more engrained into our everyday lives, many companies are starting to include social media as an integral part of their recruiting strategies.  Often dubbed as the professional social network, LinkedIn tends to be the forerunner of this approach to recruiting. Although LinkedIn has many valuable features and options when it comes to recruiting potential candidates, LinkedIn groups should be viewed specifically as a key component in your social recruiting efforts.

LinkedIn groups allow like minded members to convene in one place and share content of mutual interest, answer each other’s questions and network – both publicly in the group as well as privately through individual messages. These features make LinkedIn groups prime grounds for connecting with potential future hires. Unfortunately, as with most online communities, LinkedIn groups are also prone to Internet spammers; this makes it extremely important to know what you are doing when using LinkedIn groups as a recruiting tool. To successfully utilize LinkedIn groups to build a talent pool, you will want to start with the following:

  • Decide if you will form your own group or join existing groups. Creating your own LinkedIn group can be an excellent recruiting move. Having your own group boosts your company’s credibility and allows you to engage fellow members by email; however, before creating your own LinkedIn group, be absolutely certain that you will have the time to post timely, consistent, and effective content and keep up with group conversations.
  • Determine which groups are worth joining. The key to reaching an existing audience of potential candidates is finding the groups with active and engaged members to interact with and enrich the group. Look for groups that have a healthy and regular amount of commenting and discussions. This is typically a good indicator that members are reading and responding to content and questions
  • Craft a plan for how you will engage your groups. Once you have joined a set of engaged and relevant groups, you will want to add value to those groups by sharing valuable content, commenting constructively on content shared by others, and answering questions to help fellow group members. Although these practices do take a bit of time, they should be fairly easy to work into your daily online routine.
  • Optimize your personal profile.   Once you start interacting in your groups you will begin to notice that your profile starts to generate more views by significantly more potential candidates. This is an excellent opportunity to entice candidates to take the next step to learn more about careers within your company or to contact you directly. Be sure to include links, embedded videos, and any additional social media contact points within your profile to encourage candidates to reach out.

LinkedIn groups can prove to be invaluable resources for building your company’s talent pool; however, it is absolutely vital to know how to utilize them correctly. B. Loehr Staffing understands the power of social recruiting to find top St. Louis job candidates and thrives on helping its clients recruit and retain a solid talent pool. If you are looking for more information on adding social recruiting to your streamlined hiring plan, connect with B. Loehr Staffing on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us directly today!

What Results to Present to Your Boss during Your Review

Chances are you can expect a performance review at your job on an annual or biannual basis. Although this review won’t carry quite as much pressure as your initial job interview, it will still have a significant impact on your future projects, professional relationships, daily tasks, and salary. Because of this, it is equally important to be as prepared for your performance review with your boss as you were for your job interview with the hiring manager.

Daunting as they may seem, performance reviews give employees and employers the opportunity to evaluate whether or not they are happy with each other and the current working situation. Your review will likely cover your initiative, attitude, problem solving, professionalism, and any other qualities that may be of value to your company and position. To make sure your performance review will be a rewarding experience for both you and your boss alike, prepare by putting together the following results to present:

  • Achievements. Think back to your first day on the job and everything you have achieved since then. Write down your most important accomplishments and include specific examples or results, just as you would highlight them on a resume. Quantify achievements when applicable.
  • Accomplishments. Try to get into the habit of keeping good notes about your accomplishments on the job. No one will pay closer attention to your work than you do, and your boss will want to know what you believe you have done for the company.
  • Agenda. Before entering your performance review, develop a detailed list of what you personally would like to cover during the review. This will allow you to discuss any concerns or anything else you would like to focus on outside of what your boss has already planned.

If you prepare for your performance review ahead of time and have already worked hard to build a solid relationship with your manager or supervisor, then your review should be rewarding and informative experience. B. Loehr Staffing is Missouri’s number one recruiting solution, not only placing candidates in in excellent job opportunities, but also preparing them for success. To make sure you find your next St. Louis job opportunity successfully, contact the recruiting professionals at B. Loehr Staffing or follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook today!

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4 Browser Add-ons to Improve Personal Productivity at Work

At times it can be all too easy to mentally wander off during the workday and lose invaluable time in the process. Maintaining productivity throughout the day at work requires focus and energy – and sometimes technological help! Browser add-ons can be excellent resources when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Check out our top four favorite browser add-ons to improve your personal productivity at work:

  • Clearly. If you are prone to online distractions, Evernote’s Clearly is a must have add-on for getting focused! With just one click, Clearly eliminates all side distractions from online articles and blog posts, making them clean and easy to read, as well as allowing you to brose several multi-page articles all in one, seamless view.
  • LastPass. Today, a password is required for almost any online account and it is usually recommended (and in some cases required) to have different passwords for different accounts. Remembering separate passwords can be difficult and storing them can seem daunting; this is where LastPass comes into play. LastPass will create secure passwords for you, log you in automatically, and allow you to access your passwords with ease if you ever do need to enter them manually.
  • Web Clipper. Another gem by Evernote, Web Clipper takes online research and jotting down notes to the next level. With Web Clipper, you can save an entire article, web page, or just sections of a page to your existing notes. This gives you a one stop shop for project research without the need for cross referencing or finding where you saved something.
  • Disconnect. It is no secret that websites are constantly tracking your online habits. While most of these are harmless methods of tracking for analytical purposes, it does slow down your browsing and costs you time. Disconnect stops ad trackers, social widgets, and other tracking elements before they have the chance to load, in turn, keeping your web browsing and activity smooth and speedy.

The World Wide Web is truly an invaluable asset for most employees in today’s workforce. Utilizing some of the top browser add-ons can be a great way to improve your workplace productivity and output while making your overall web experience more enjoyable. Saint Louis’ own B. Loehr Staffing specializes in helping top area companies and employees alike maintain a productive, comfortable, and profitable workplace culture. If you are looking for additional resources on how to boost your productivity at work, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing today!