Understanding Team Dynamics in the Workplace

In recent years, an undeniable shift has occurred in the way employees work with each other and with their management. Instead of employees working almost solely on an individual basis with little or no involvement in decision making, many of today’s tasks and projects are assigned to a team in the hopes of boosting productivity, creativity, and overall dedication. However, while working in a team setting has great potential for many businesses, it is not always the easiest setting to implement.

The first essential step in bringing out the best performance from all members of your team is to thoroughly understand your group dynamics so your team can work together smoothly. This includes the interactions and interpersonal communication between team members that are typically unseen but have an enormous impact on the success of the team. Achieving desired success is of course one of the biggest end results of positive team dynamics, however, there are other important factors. Consider the following benefits of having a strong grasp of the team dynamics in your workplace:

  • Profit. Assigning tasks and projects to a team is statistically more profitable than assigning them to different individuals.
  • Communication. Understanding and promoting positive team dynamics promotes increased levels of clear and open communication among all team members, which, leads to reduced mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Productivity.  Working in a positive team setting decreases feelings of alienation that generally lead to increased absenteeism and monotony. When alienation is removed and employees begin working in team settings, both productivity and profit tend to rise.
  • Distribution. One of the more obvious, yet equally beneficial perks of a strong team dynamic is the ability to equally divide tasks between employees. Some added benefits of dispersing responsibilities are reduced stress levels, shared accountability, and increased sense of commitment and belonging.
  • Solutions. Working in groups facilitates better problem solving where each team member can provide effective solutions and strategies to handle problems or other stressful situations.

Developing and understanding positive team dynamics ensures that all team members are working with a vision that aligns with the company’s. To gain a more solid understanding of team dynamics in the workplace, contact the Saint Louis business experts at B. Loehr Staffing today or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


What Are the Advantages of Direct Hire?

Direct hire decisions are strategically important in today’s competitive market. The costs associated with hiring an employee who turns out to not be a good fit can be detrimental to your company’s bottom line and your overall culture. This is why many businesses find themselves instead opting for temporary to hire as a sort of trial period before making a final decision and committing to hire a candidate.

While temp to hire can be a great approach to hiring, it won’t always align with your hiring needs, nor will all candidates be willing to begin employment on a temporary basis. In situations like these, choosing direct hire through a staffing firm can be an excellent solution.  In direct hire scenarios, the staffing firm will do all the work to find and recruit top quality candidates and present the pool to you to make the final hiring decision. Some great advantages of direct hire include:

  • Broader candidate pool. Recruiters have access to a much higher percentage of currently employed candidates when they are looking to build a pool for direct hire versus temporary recruiting.  This opens new avenues to search for top quality candidates to bring on board your team.
  • Greater candidate understanding. Direct hire requires staffing companies to know candidates on a much deeper level prior to even introducing them to your company. This includes a solid understanding of any applicable or helpful soft skills, personality, and motivators.
  • Decreased risks. With direct hire, you will not pay until you find the right candidate. Your recruiter’s search, job postings, viewing qualified resumes, and interviewing top candidates will cost you nothing until your chosen candidate has accepted your job offer and begins working for you.

When it comes to hiring, making sure you take the right steps to ensure desired results is essential for company growth and sustainability. B. Loehr Staffing is St. Louis’ premiere hiring solution for contract, temp to hire, and direct hire job candidates and brings years of experience and industry knowledge to help you determine the best fit for your company’s needs. To learn more about B. Loehr Staffing, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook, or contact us today!

5 Ways to Improve My Productivity at Work

Who wouldn’t want to be more productive at work? Productivity not only keeps you in the good graces of management; it makes your work more enjoyable, provides a greater sense of value in the workplace, and eliminates the long day feeling. Even if you are already great at getting the job done, there is always room to improve when it comes to productivity. If you are looking to boost your productivity at work and add more time to each day then consider these five easy to implement techniques:

  • Get organized. It goes without saying that organized people are able to get more done. You’ll want to begin with setting a few simple guidelines and using your available tools to decide what will work best for you. Examine your current organizational techniques and determine which processes will be the most efficient to accomplish all your daily tasks.
  • Create a “to not do” list. To do lists are commonplace in work environments, but to not do lists can be equally as helpful, if not more so. Everyone has bad work habits, so begin by choosing a few reasonable goals to work towards changing yours. Keep the list short to ensure your goals are reasonable and reachable, and cross them off after each task is accomplished.
  • Reevaluate meetings. One of the best ways to increase productivity is to make the best use of your available time.  If you are often in back to back meetings, block off enough time between meetings to gather your thoughts, as well as time to simply get work done. Make the most of your blocked time by planning exactly what you will be doing during that timeframe.
  • Automate. Technology can be wonderful for boosting productivity! Regardless of your field or industry, you are bound to have mundane and time-consuming tasks that can be automated. Using the technology you have wisely can be a great method for saving you precious time and keeping your focus in the right direction.
  • Take breaks. It may seem counter-intuitive, but building breaks into your workday can actually help increase your productivity. Consider taking a quick 3-5 minute break between finishing tasks and a 25-30 minute break at the halfway point to break up the day. Working nonstop can lead to burnout; however, and taking just a few minutes here and there to recharge can make a huge difference.

While these techniques are proven to help boost productivity, you will ultimately need to implement the methods that will benefit you the most. B. Loehr Staffing prides itself on helping the Saint Louis area workforce find and maintain jobs where they feel productive, valued, and satisfied. If you are looking to make a career change in Saint Louis or simply need additional workplace best practices resources, connect with B. Loehr Staffing on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or contact us directly today!

Why is Flexibility Important to My Workforce?

As our workforce rapidly changes and expands, punching a card at 9 and 5 each day is quickly moving away from the norm. The truth is, in our busy world of streamlined workforces, technological shifts, and a constantly evolving market, workplace flexibility is becoming a necessity for both employees and employers alike. Because of this, many organizations are embracing a more flexible working environment. Even if your own company does not currently have a formal set of rules in place for workplace flexibility, the benefits of adopting a flexible attitude and approach for your workforce are undeniable. Just a few of these advantages include:

  • Higher morale. Organizations that offer workplace flexibility typically experience a decrease in absenteeism and turnover with an increase in engagement and productivity. Giving your workforce a degree of control when it comes to their schedules and hours makes them feel trusted and valued. This leads to a greater investment in their work and helps the company grow as a whole.
  •  Greater value. When employees are truly engaged in their work, they do not leave their job behind just because they are off the clock. Allowing employees to telecommute or work nontraditional schedules allows them to be out in the world more, soaking in inspiration, ideas, and insight they may not have been exposed to in an office environment. Employees with well-rounded, active lives undoubtedly bring a great deal of value to any job.
  • Smarter strategy. When it comes down to it, workplace flexibility is much more than an employee benefit; it is also a strategic move on the company’s behalf. Progressive companies experience a much easier time attracting and retaining top talent because people want to work where they can experience a sense of autonomy and trust. When approached this way, workplace flexibility can play a huge part in creating an excellent company culture as well as broadening your talent pool for future hires.

Balancing various schedules and workloads can be a challenge but the results are more than worth it.  To find out what part temporary staffing can be a component of your workplace flexibility strategy contact the professionals at B. Loehr Staffing or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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