Hire Great Temps – Here’s How

It would be difficult to deny the recent boom in hiring freelance workers and temporary employees. Whether you are seeking additional help for the busy seasons, an extra skillset to help complete an important project, or simply test the waters before bringing on a full time employee, many advantages exist for hiring on a temporary basis. Although the risk associated with hiring temporary workers does tend to be much lower than when hiring full time employees, you still want to make sure you make the right hiring decision, temporary or otherwise. To make sure you are hiring the best temps to suit your company’s needs, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Set clear expectations. Temporary workers are most commonly brought on to complete specific tasks and therefore, require very specific skills. Because they typically are not allotted the same amount of training time as full time employees, temp workers need to be able to hit the ground running on day one. Clearly communicate everything you are looking for in your temporary employees and explain their specific purpose and contribution to your team.
  • Provide feedback. Because of your limited time with your temporary workers, it is absolutely crucial to provide frequent and constructive feedback. If your temp workers are doing excellent work and filling your needs, let them know. Likewise, if your temp employees are straying from your expectations or falling behind, coach them to get them back on track. Above all, make sure your temp workers always know and understand what it is you are expecting of them.
  • Work with a staffing agency. Hiring quality temp workers can be a struggle, so don’t be afraid to invest in a professional staffing provider. Temp agencies have the skills, resources, and networks needed to find the best possible candidates to fill your company’s needs and get the project done right. Without these invaluable resources, you are putting yourself and your company at a severe and time consuming disadvantage.

Hiring great temps is not always a piece of cake, but if you put in the effort, communicate clearly, and partner with an experienced staffing agency, you can ensure you end up with the best talent. B. Loehr Staffing is St. Louis’s premiere temporary staffing solution and prides itself in delivering the best candidates to top St. Louis businesses. To learn more about how to hire top St. Louis temporary employees, contact B. Loehr Staffing today or follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook! If you are looking for temp jobs in St. Louis MO, contact us today.

Nonverbal Communication during the Interview

Formulating great responses to questions is a key skill to utilize during a job interview; however, mastering the art of effective nonverbal communication is equally as important when it comes to impressing the interviewer. Although nonverbal cues alone are unlikely to cost you your shot at a job opportunity, they can be the deciding indicator of whether your verbal responses were on target or not. While there is no magic recipe to success when it comes to nonverbal communication, there are several points you will want to be able to convey nonverbally during a job interview:

  • Poise.  People with excellent poise present themselves as confident and comfortable during interviews. Practice your demeanor and be sure to have good posture, stay relaxed, and try not to worry too much about your hands. Keep them open and use them to gesture when providing answers, just as you would during any conversation.
  • Interest. Above all, it is important that you nonverbally express your interest in the job, the company, and the interviewer. Make eye contact and avoid crossing your arms and yawning. Be attentive and lean forward slightly to show involvement.
  • Expressiveness. Put some emotion into your answers and demonstrate high, positive energy. Smile when appropriate and avoid any negative facial reactions, even if discussing something unpleasant, such as a difficult former boss, colleague, or experience. Remember to be mindful of the interviewer’s nonverbal communication in addition to your own. Based on their reactions to your answers, be sure to clarify if they appear to be confused at any point.

It is important to remember that verbal and nonverbal communication go hand in hand. You must remain consistent and on target both with what you say as well as how you say it in order to land the job. B. Loehr Staffing takes pride in helping prepare job seekers to make sure they are ready to get hired by a top Saint Louis business. If you are looking for additional job seeker tips and resources, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing today or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Drive Your Employees’ Potential

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining star employees should be a high priority at the forefront of any manager’s mind; however, hiring the best candidates is simply not enough of a goal on its own. In order for your company to thrive, it is highly imperative to drive your employees to reach their full potential. As a leader in your organization, it becomes your responsibility to provide your employees with the tools, environment, and culture necessary for them to succeed and prosper. Consider the following tips to help your employees recognize and reach their own potential:

  • Highlight achievements. People naturally feel good when they know they are doing something well or have overcome a challenge successfully. Because of this, employees derive great satisfaction in their work when they are able to master their responsibilities and complete projects autonomously. Helping your employees understand their own strengths and personal goals can in turn help you better align them with important business goals to inspire each employee and benefit both sides of the spectrum.
  • Communicate clearly. Always be open with your employees about what you would like them to learn or perfect. Check in regularly with your employees and provide clear and concise definitions and deadlines for what you need from them. Provide a plan for success, but allow your employees to define their own path of execution; this will empower your employees to set their own objectives and work towards them in a concrete, measurable way.
  • Set and revisit goals. It is important to set both short and long-term goals, however, goals must be closely monitored in order to be useful. Carefully examine where your employees have thrived as well as where they have fallen short to reveal potential opportunities for employee growth.  Conduct regular reviews with employees to evaluate progress. This process will help you serve as a personal coach in the success of your employees.

While there are many great strategies for encouraging employees to go above and beyond, these tips provide and excellent foundation to begin coaching for success. B. Loehr Staffing is Saint Louis’ leading staffing solution and places emphasis on helping area businesses reach growth plans by empowering star employees to reach their potential. If you are looking for additional information on driving your employees to potential, contact the staffing experts at B. Loehr Staffing today or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! If you are looking for St Louis Mo employment agencies, contact us today.

Relax! It’s Just an Interview

Landing a job interview can be one of the most exciting as well as the most stressful aspects of job seeking. If you are stressing about an upcoming job interview, relax! You have already made it past the initial hurdle in your job search and should be proud of yourself! While a job interview is your first – and sometimes only – chance to put your best face forward and show the hiring manager that you truly are the best candidate for the position, it is not something to lose sleep over. To make sure you are ready to wow the hiring manager, follow these simple, yet effective pointers for acing your next job interview:

  • Read over the job description. Use the company’s job description to your benefit. Go through the description line by line and think about how your own experiences and skills fit each line. Think of specific examples so you can highlight your strengths that match what the employer is looking for during your interview.
  • Be realistic about your qualifications. Do not get alarmed if you realize you are not a perfect fit for every point listed in the job description.  Truthfully, candidates are rarely a match for each job duty or responsibility right off the bat and people get hired all the time without being a perfect line for line match. Focus on your strengths and what you can bring to the table in the company. Thinking about these points now will help you weave them into conversation during the interview.
  • Research the company. Review the company’s website and social media profiles to learn about their culture, values, and mission. Be prepared to talk about the position and show your knowledge about the company to help yourself stand out from other applicants. Based on your research, come up with several questions of your own to ask at the end of the interview. Good questions will show your effort in preparing for the interview as well as your interest in the job and company as a whole!

Job interviews can seem daunting, but following these simple steps can help you significantly improve your interview performance even land the job! B. Loehr Staffing has a proven record of matching top St. Louis job seekers with some of the best companies in the greater St. Louis region. If you have been job searching without much luck or are considering looking for a new job, do not hesitate to contact the job placement experts at B. Loehr Staffing today! If you are looking for jobs in St. Louis MO, contact us today.