A Great Company Culture = Great Hires

Whether your company is a small startup or large corporate organization, it will have its own unique company culture. Your company’s culture encompasses your business mission, employee values and attitudes, and the general day to day workplace atmosphere.  Company culture plays a huge role when it comes to employee happiness as well as workplace prosperity, which is exactly why it is so essential to incorporate company culture into your hiring process. Because company culture can be difficult to convey to potential candidates who do not yet have a feel for daily life in your workplace, try working the following tips into your hiring process to accurately show your great company culture and in turn, make great hires:

  • Rework your job descriptions. Your job description is typically the first place candidates will find information about working for your company. Be sure to include your mission statement as well as a sentence or two about your company values. This is a great first step to attracting the types of candidates who will see themselves fitting in with your culture.
  • Tailor your interviews. Make sure your interviews accurately reflect the environment in which your new hires will be working. Take the candidates on a walk through the building so they can see their potential workspace and provide ample information on your company values. Ask questions that align with your culture in addition to the basic skills and qualifications questions.
  • Conduct internal research. No one understands your company culture firsthand better than your employees. Ask recent hires what they wish you had covered during the hiring process and if the process accurately reflected your company culture. Employee input is an invaluable tool directly at your fingertips.

It is of utmost importance for your hiring process to convey your company culture so you are able to attract the right candidates for your business. As a manager, you are a top advocate for your company and should embody the values of your company culture throughout this entire process. B. Loehr Staffing is St. Louis, Missouri’s premiere staffing solution, specializing in matching great companies with top candidates. To learn how B. Loehr Staffing can help your startup or small business find great candidates who fit, connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

3 Tips for Developing Your Managers – St Louis Business Tips

When the time comes to fill a management position, the solution often seems to be right in front of you. Managers need to be familiar with your company, your clients, and overall business, so it makes sense to hire from within. This is especially true if you have great employees that are ready for more responsibility. Although this may seem like the perfect course of action, it is not quite so simple.

It is noble to promote from within and reward your star employees by allowing them to move up in your company; however, it is irresponsible to promote without preparation. To set your employees up for success, you must invest the necessary time and energy to provide them with the tools, training, and resources they need to become great managers. If you plan to place one of your top employees in a leadership position for the first time, make sure you do the following:

  • Select wisely. Your top-performing employee may seem like the obvious choice for manager, but it does not mean they will be the best choice. Think about the requirements you would look for if you were hiring externally. Use this knowledge to select an employee who exhibits the traits and qualities you would ultimately look for in a leader.
  • Provide role clarity. It is of the utmost importance to be extremely clear when communicating the manager’s responsibilities as well as your expectations of them. You will also want to communicate with the employees who will be working for your new manager with the same level of clarity. Ensuring all team members are on the same page is one of the easiest, yet most crucial steps to paving the way for success as a whole.
  • Develop your manager. Once you have chosen the employee you would like to take on the role of manager and have explained their new duties in detail, you will need to begin developing them as a manager. Step in as a mentor and provide them any leadership training they will need as well as any management resources applicable to your company. Knowing they have someone to go to for advice as they adjust to their new position will help make a smooth transition.

Promoting great employees to management level positions can do wonders for your company as long as you put forth the time and effort to develop them into great managers. B. Loehr Staffing provides a variety of employee and management training resources to many top companies throughout the Saint Louis area. For the most up to date management tips and best practices, contact B. Loehr Staffing or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

4 Ways to Secure That Interview – St Louis Job Seeker Tips

Whether you are currently unemployed or looking to change jobs, securing an interview is a crucial step in the job seeking process.  A job interview is the best opportunity to sell yourself as a viable candidate and earn your place in the running for the position. Knowing that you are one out of a sea of applicants, how can you increase your odds of landing an interview? Consider the following guidelines to ensure you are taking all the steps necessary to get noticed during your job search and secure your one on one time with the hiring manager.

  • Know your target. Create a list of specific companies and job openings that you can identify. Monitor these companies closely and research as much as you can about them. Knowing company details speaks volumes about your excitement at the possibility of working for the company and will make you an extremely appealing candidate.
  • Understand your strengths. One of the most important steps of any job search is knowing your strengths. Highlight your best skills and set realistic expectations by clearly showing what your skills can do to help the company. This is a great way to gain a competitive edge over other potential candidates.
  • Network. The number one way to help your resume make it to the top of the pile is to network. Keep up to date with any local or online networking events. Your ultimate goal should be to have someone within the company hand your resume to the hiring manager directly and vouch for you as a candidate.
  • Follow up. Job seeking best practices become futile if you fail to follow up. Ask the company contact or recruiter for their preferred method of communication. Respect their priorities, time, and space, but remain persistent and do not give up if they do not respond immediately.

Although nothing can guarantee a job interview for certain, taking a proactive and professional approach is a great way to tip the odds in your favor. B. Loehr Staffing is a gold mine of job seeking resources and has been helping St. Louis job seekers find short and long term assignments and Temp-To-Hire and Direct Hire opportunities since 1898. If you are looking for additional job placement tools and resources, contact B. Loehr Staffing today or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Take Your Resume from Good to Great

Getting your resume noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter is the critical first step to successfully securing employment. While your experience, skills, and personality may be the final deciding factors in the hiring process, your resume is what will convince the recruiter that you are a worthwhile candidate. Having a concise, well-written, professional resume is good, but it isn’t great. To take your resume to the next level and make it jump out to hiring managers, consider these following tips:

  • Include a branding statement. The easiest way to get started with developing a personal branding statement is to take your 15- second elevator speech and rework it. Build your career value into this statement by including relevant key points that a recruiter in your field would want to see. Keep your branding statement to two powerful sentences that contain the exact wording that will help sell your resume (and your potential as a candidate!) to a hiring manager.
  • Add key words and phrases. One of the most successful ways to add the right key words and phrases to your resume is to pull them directly from the job description. Most likely, these descriptions were written and posted by the hiring managers themselves, so the key points listed are what they believe are imperative to the position at hand. Including these same key words and phrases where applicable will help your resume pop out to the hiring manager screening them.
  • Quantify as much as possible. Hiring managers and recruiters love to see quantified achievements in a resume because they represent measurable actions and results on the candidate’s behalf. Additionally, including real numbers and percentages in a resume adds visual breaks in the text, making it much easier for the hiring manager to skim your resume and still find some of the most important parts.

Many job seekers have good resumes, but having a great resume can make all the difference when it comes to landing an interview or getting lost in the sea of other candidates. B. Loehr Staffing provides optimal staffing opportunities throughout the greater Saint Louis area as well as a wide variety of job seeker resources and resume coaching. If you are looking to find your next job opportunity in Saint Louis, Missouri, contact the hiring specialists at B. Loehr Staffing or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!