Improve Your Employees’ Quality of Life…and Work!

It should come as no surprise that having fun at work and improving your employees’ quality of life are directly linked to improved employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Recent studies also indicate that enjoying work lowers employee healthcare by increasing employees’ overall quality of life. In fact, statistically speaking, happy employees take 66% less sick leave than other employees and help boost company morale as a whole. Additionally, while happy employees reportedly spend 80% of a given week on work related tasks, unhappy employees spend only 40% of their time on work.

Increasing employee productivity without spending a significant sum of money is something any boss can get behind. Addressing the direct connection to an employee’s quality of work and life, in tandem with their work performance, without dramatically impacting your company’s bottom line is important. To begin improving your employees’ quality of life and work today, consider the following tips:

  • Recognize a job well done. Many employees, especially the younger employees of Generation Y, respond favorably to frequent recognition. Do not rely on the old adage of no news is good news. As a manager, make it a point to always have something positive to say about your employees and their work. This will help your employees realize that their efforts are recognized and the company needs them.
  • Avoid micromanaging. No one enjoys having someone hover over their shoulder. This especially rings true today with the large number of self-starters and other employees who do not require much managing. Trust your employees with the freedom to think for themselves and produce exceptional results.
  • Challenge and set goals. Challenge your employees with new tasks that may be beyond the scope of their job function. This will help encourage your employees and keep productivity high by making them feel like they are part of the big picture. Combine these challenges with your internal goals and plan a reward for when the goal has been met. Even simple rewards can help revitalize your employees and give them a greater drive to produce desired results.

Improving your employees’ overall quality of life in the workplace will directly result in a more productive and happier workforce. B. Loehr Staffing recognizes the importance of building a strong and successful workforce and prides itself on helping St. Louis area businesses achieve their goals and meet their needs. If you’re ready to boost your company’s productivity, morale, and quality of work, contact the staffing professionals at B. Loehr Staffing today!

How Recruiters are Using Social Media to Research You

We’ve all heard that some recruiters are researching prospective candidates on social media to learn about whom they may want to hire; but what you may not know is how many employ this strategy. . Studies from 2012 found that nearly 25% of hiring managers check candidates’ social media profiles while 32% use social networks to communicate with candidates. Why so much effort? The answer is simple: employers are constantly looking for clues when it comes to hiring candidates.

Employers want the investment they put into hiring to produce long-term desired results without any unpleasant surprises down the road. Social media profiles, seemingly candid outlets, provide employers with an insightful glimpse into a candidate’s true character. In today’s competitive job market, it is now more important than ever for candidates to market themselves effectively. Consider the following tips to ensure employers are seeing what they want to see on your social media profiles:

  • Upload a professional profile picture. Profiles with photos are much more likely to be viewed than profiles without photos. To give a great first impression, choose a professional, high-quality photo of yourself that will help people recognize you.
  • Update your status regularly. Sharing information and updates with your network helps keep them up to date on what you’re doing and can help grow your professional brand. Tell people about events you’re attending, major projects you’ve completed, or an interesting industry article you’ve recently read.
  • Share your work. Most social networks will allow you to include external links in your public profile. Take advantage of this by directing people to your online portfolio, personal website, or blog. On networks where photo albums are a feature, consider uploading photos of professional events you’ve attended or volunteer work you’ve done.
  • Write a compelling headline. While this is not an option on all social networks, make sure to utilize it on networks that do have it. Your profile headline gives people a short, memorable way to understand who you are in a professional context beyond your job title. Your headline should serve as a slogan for your personal brand and tell viewers why they should want to get to know you.

For today’s job seeker, social media profiles can be highly influential in the employer’s hiring process. To make sure you’re giving employers the right impression, check out your own social profiles to see what they say about you. For additional resources, connect with B. Loehr Staffing on Facebook, follow B. Loehr Staffing on Twitter, or contact the experts directly at B. Loehr Staffing today!

The Perfect Match

Hi, it’s Edie.  Every now and again we here in B. Loehr’s Staffing department like to share our success stories.  What kind of success stories you ask?  The kind where all of our hard work playing Assignment Match-Makers pays off and one of our customers hires our employee.  When this happens (and it does a little less than once a week) we have a much better long-term success rate than any couple on The Bachelor.

Such is the case with Crystal C.

Crystal was a Field Associate with B. Loehr for several years.  She went on many long and short-term assignments and always got great evaluations from customers.  She even worked with one of our healthcare customers on a two-year project but sadly, try as they might, they could never get the budget to hire her as a full-time employee and finally the project, and her assignment, ended.

Success story, you ask?  “Edie, that is not the happy ending I was hoping for.”  But wait – like all good romance stories you need a plot twist.

A week or so after Crystal’s project ended, B. Loehr got a request for a similar position in another department at the same healthcare customer.   We sent them Crystal’s resume and the new supervisor was very interested.  She was even more interested after Crystal’s former supervisor gave her a glowing, and well deserved, recommendation.  From there the story is familiar.  Crystal started the following week, worked hard and did a great job, and it was a perfect match.  A couple months later she was hired full-time and both she and the customer are still very happy with the match.

And what about B. Loehr?  We couldn’t be happier.  Sure we don’t have Crystal as part of our team anymore, but she is a wonderful example of the great people B. Loehr has “setup” over the past 115 years and we hope that both she and the customer think of us whenever they hear someone needs on demand staffing.

To find your perfect match in the greater St. Louis area, please visit B. Loehr Staffing to submit your resume.  And for more helpful work place tips follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!

Improve Candidate Engagement | Here’s How

Many hiring managers today are learning that one of the biggest obstacles in recruiting is not just finding skilled candidates, but engaging them. Because the ultimate goals of recruitment lie in attracting, training, and retaining employees, actively engaging candidates before a job offer is made often tends to take the back burner. What many managers are beginning to realize, however, is that candidate engagement can often make or break an employee’s level of success within the company.

While most employers will agree that candidate engagement is important, few know where to begin or have the proper resources available for building an effective strategy. As with many great advancements, starting small and building up is the key to honing in and developing candidate engagement. Below, you’ll find some great starting points to create a positive impact on how your candidates perceive your company today.

  • Set expectations early. If you aren’t already, start using the auto-reply feature to immediately respond to candidate applications. If you are, take a look at what your auto-reply message is saying to candidates. If possible, try to give your candidates an estimated amount of time for how long you think the process should take. This will give them an accurate idea of when they should expect to hear back from you. Continue to set time horizons throughout the interview process to prevent leaving candidates in the dark on where they stand.
  • Prioritize a system. In a perfect world, all candidates would be treated equally, but unfortunately, it just isn’t feasible. If your company has limited resources, consider organizing your candidates into tiers. Set up an automated email to send to candidates who simply do not fit the job description. Make it a point to call candidates you’ve interviewed who do not get the job. Have a recruiter call finalists who were not chosen for the position, to gauge interest in future positions with your company.
  • Get social. Direct candidates to your company’s social profiles during your communication. This will paint an accurate picture of what your company is about and the types of conversations you cultivate. Social media is also a great way to show potential employees what makes your company unique and a great place to work.

Although the above tips are all excellent ways to begin improving candidate engagement in your business today, the best possible approach is to work with a recruiter. B. Loehr Staffing is committed to cultivating strong client- candidate engagement from initial screening through job offer acceptance and prides itself on being the oldest and best staffing firm in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more about how we can help fulfill all your staffing needs, contact B. Loehr Staffing today or connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!