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Communication is key. This is a concept one will hear time and again, whether it’s in regards to personal or professional relationships. What exactly is the main ingredient in communication that makes it so vital when it comes to managing a team of employees? In this case, persistence is the key to communication. If you’re concerned you’re nagging your employees, it may be time to think again; believe it or not, employees often require hearing a message twice or even three times for it to truly register.

Recent research studies have shown that managers’ sending one message to employees through different media outlets has proven extremely effective in achieving desired results. In fact, project managers who are deliberately redundant communicators tend to move their projects forward much more smoothly and quickly than those who are not. Using these different methods of technology to essentially say the same thing multiple times has been one of the most efficient approaches for managers needing to meet deliverables on a budget.

Redundant technology paired with urgency is the prime recipe for communication in the workplace because it gets the job done in a timely manner.  When a project manager speaks to an employee face to face, then sends an email, then a text message, employees understand the importance and pressure surrounding the task at hand. Thanks to the Digital Age, today’s employees are busier than ever and constantly bombarded by information; so why does this repetitive approach work so well?

  • Authority (or lack thereof). Because so many employees work in teams, a lack of direct authority is common in businesses today; however, despite the absence of authority, team leaders are still responsible for meeting deadlines and goals. Leaders in positions like these get great results by proactively coupling redundant communication and technology to communicate urgency with their team members to get the job done.
  • Familiar skills. Knowingly or not, most professionals practice redundant communication already. Understanding the power of something you’ve already mastered is an excellent step in developing a solid strategy. This mix of communication with persistence leads to any manager’s ideal goal – getting through to their team.

Any parent will confirm that it takes multiple attempts at telling their children to do something before the task is ultimately done. The same can be said for employees working together in a team. It’s not that they can’t or won’t listen; it just takes some time for the importance to register, especially with so much going on in today’s workplace. B. Loehr Staffing of Saint Louis, Missouri, is an established resource for supplemental staffing and human resources needs. If you are looking for the top staffing solution for your company, contact the experts at B. Loehr Staffing today!

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Skills You Need to Survive the Competitive Job Market

Job-hunting can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself.  The job search process can actually be viewed as a project made up of several components:  finding job openings, updating resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and following up with companies. With all the required work it takes to land a job opportunity, job seekers need the right set of job hunt skills to succeed and conquer the job search process. If you are beginning your job search or are in the midst of one, be sure to hone in on the following attributes:

  • Focus. Job seeking can be overwhelming. With so many tasks to take on and balance, job seekers need to stay focused on what is most important. They must understand their career goals and aspirations, and dedicate an uninterrupted amount of time each day to job-hunting.
  • Courage. Courage allows job seekers to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve what they set out to accomplish. Each job seeker will have a different fear, whether it’s asking for help or networking with professionals. Understanding what you hope to accomplish and picturing the feeling of success that follows facing your fears head on can often serve as the best form of motivation.
  • Organization. Being detail oriented can be a huge key to success in the job search process. Keeping detailed notes such as which companies you’ve applied to, when you applied, and some key information regarding the position and how your skills are essential to that position, especially when you have applied to many different positions at many different organizations. Keeping a record of this information will provide you with an excellent resource when one of the companies calls you.
  • Kindness. First impressions are long lasting and a little kindness can go a long way. Being sincere and caring may very well be the qualifying difference that makes you stand out from the crowd of other candidates. Thank your interviewer by sending a handwritten notes and be kind to everyone you meet both during your job search and your career.
  • Instincts. Job seekers are often faced with questions during their job search, such as whether to apply to a certain position or not. For many questions like these, there are no right or wrong answers, and the job seeker will need to rely on their gut feelings. Many candidates have landed jobs they were not qualified for on paper, but applied to anyway and proved they were the best for the job through enthusiasm and communication. At the end of the day, instincts are an invaluable trait that should not be overlooked.

Job hunting can be grueling, but knowing which skills to focus on can make the process that much easier. Working with a dedicated staffing company can be an excellent way to find your perfect job match in a timely and efficient manner. If you are interested in learning more about how working with a staffing firm can help you land your next job, contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

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Handling Difficult Interview Questions

Being asked by an employer to come in for an interview can be one of the most gratifying yet nerve-racking parts of the job seeking process. You’ve made it past the initial resume and phone screening sections and now it’s truly time to sell yourself to the company. Interviews can be very positive, demonstrate you are truly the best candidate for the position by fully answering the interviewer’s questions, show knowledge on the company and position, and even ask the interviewer some excellent questions of your own. Then, just when it seems the interview is about to wrap up, the interviewer catches you off guard by asking a curveball question you weren’t expecting.

Rest assured, there is a method to the madness and curveball questions are quite normal. Interviewers ask difficult questions to gain insight into the candidate’s true demeanor by seeing how they think on their feet. In these situations, the answer provided is much less important than how it is given. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself to successfully answer any off course interview question thrown your way.

  • Remain calm. Keeping calm when faced with a difficult interview question is one of the most important things you can do. Even if the question stresses you out, don’t let it show. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to gather your thoughts if needed. A calm and collected response is much better than an immediate, half processed thought to your interviewer.
  • Avoid over thinking. Most curveball questions employers like to ask are open-ended. Many times, candidates approach these questions similarly to a psychological exam, trying to craft the perfect answer when no such answer exists. While clever answers are appreciated, they are not mandatory, so don’t feel obligated to come up with one, especially if your gut tells you something else.
  • Stand firm. The key to answering difficult interview questions is to be confident in your answers and how you deliver them. Don’t second-guess yourself if the interviewer asks you to explain your answer in more detail. Share your logic for making the decision you did and stand by it. What you say is not as important as long as you say it with conviction and demonstrate confidence.

Handling difficult questions in an interview with composure is simple. As long as you show your interviewer that you are calm, competent, and confident, you will be just fine. B. Loehr Staffing prides itself in helping many job seekers ace their interviews and find their next job. If you are looking for assistance finding job openings in St. Louis, Missouri, contact the staffing professionals at B. Loehr Staffing today!