Optimize Your Hiring and Screening Process for St. Louis Candidates

Creating a consistent hiring process is a key step in building a strong company foundation. Not only does a solid process increase the likelihood of finding top candidates, it also lowers turnover rate while decreasing hiring costs. Finding the best candidates can seem like an art, but luckily, this art form is founded in science. Consult B. Loehr Staffing for the following strategies to help improve your candidate selection process and strengthen your business.

  • Improve goals. The year is young and it is an excellent time to reinforce the strengths of your hiring process and take an honest look at areas that could be improved upon. Recruiting, as well as the candidate experience as a whole, are vital components to your hiring process and should be awarded high priorities in your hiring department. Focus first on the overall quality of filling your open positions, and then move forward.
  • Plan processes. It is highly recommended to have a process in place for areas that require assessment testing such as phone interviews and pre-employment screenings. Having a predetermined procedure to follow can greatly help your company become more efficient in its overall process and trainings. As your business grows, these set processes will become vital.
  • Set expectations. First impressions are long lasting and the job description you post will most likely be a potential candidate’s first impression of you as a future employer. This is a critical time to set appropriate expectations for your candidates. Consider including a salary range you would be willing to negotiate for the posted position to give potential candidates a realistic idea of what to expect without cornering yourself into a set number.
  • Administer tests.  Finding the right candidate at face value can be much easier than finding the candidate with the right skill set. Investing in assessment testing will help you put the best candidates in the right positions. The average hiring process for a single employee ranges between six and eight weeks; hiring the right candidate the first time around increases employee retention rates, efficiency, and overall productivity.

Efficiency is the key to success in the candidate selection process. By setting goals and realistic expectations, you can effectively and efficiently optimize your company’s approach to screening and hiring. B. Loerhr Staffing can help fulfill your staffing needs. Contact the staffing professionals at B. Loehr Staffing today!

Small Tips that Can Help Improve Your Business

Improving your business is an ongoing effort, one that should always be at the forefront of business owners’ minds. After all, business improvement leads to growth, success, happy employees, and happy customers – all positive points any business would ideally want for their company. As the first quarter of 2013 rolls to a close, let’s take a look at some proven best practices for improving business throughout the year:

  • Smart spending. Whether your company is a startup, in the midst of a growth spurt, or getting back on track, the most imperative decisions you make for your business should never be made with cost as the guiding factor. Instead, substitute the word “cost” with the word “value”. If something is greatly contributing to your company’s efficiency, keep it, regardless of cost. If it does not prove valuable, let it go.
  • Sporadic incentives. Employees tend to have difficulty seeing the long-term. This is why year-end bonuses, although created with the best intentions, are not the best incentive. Consider spreading out the amount you would typically award as a year-end bonus throughout the year. Creating a bonus system that is immediately linked to short-term projects or goals can help boost both employee morale as well as your company’s bottom line.
  • Customer feedback. Thanks to the Digital Age, business owners now have more opportunity than ever to give their customers a voice. Customers are a company’s absolute best resource when it comes to creating, modifying, and expanding products or services. Encourage customer feedback, comments, and suggestions whenever and wherever possible. This will prevent your business from making costly mistakes and provide valuable insight into what you need to do to be more successful.
  • Solution selling. Whether you are selling a product or a service, present it as a solution. When your customers benefit, so does your company. Selling your company as a solution moves your business forward by showing customers that you make life easier or change how things work. Take initiative to frame each discussion about your product or service in terms of the solution it offers.

If your company has been in business for a while, it can become easy to fall into a routine of always doing things the same way; however, constant improvement and evolution are they keys to success. B. Loehr Staffing provides a wide variety of St. Louis business solutions and understands the challenges companies are faced with when it comes to staying relevant and ahead of the curve. If you are in need of additional St. Louis business resources, contact B. Loehr Staffing today for all of your staffing solutions.

Using Your Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Resume

Part time jobs are excellent ways to boost your resume. Whether you are a college student preparing to enter “the real world” or in between jobs, part time employment is necessary for those looking for experience or additional income.  Even if they don’t seem directly pertinent to your career aspirations, the most basic part time jobs can still boost your bank account, as well as your resume. Consider the following to keep yourself afloat while on the path to your desired career:

  • Administrative. Office positions come with high levels of responsibility and communication. These skills will show future employers that you are comfortable and capable in an office environment. Be sure to list out any projects or awards you may have received or carried out.
  • Volunteering. Not all part time jobs or internships pay. Because of this, some people choose to volunteer in place of a part time job. This signifies to employers that you are a hard worker and that money is not your top concern. Technically, you are spending what would be your free time to better and assist an organization without any compensation; this will speak volumes about your values to potential employers.
  • Related industry. Getting a part time job in your industry and field will show your future employer that you are serious about your potential career. Working part time hours will allow you to gain experience, and learn new skills that may help advance your career.  Include references from this position and keep in mind that part time opportunities can often lead to full time positions within the same organization.

Highlight your full time and part time experience on your resume. Showing an employer or recruiter that you took a position to continue your career will enhance your resume. Speak openly about your position, tasks, duties, and experience at the job. Many times, putting a great foot forward at a part time job will lead to an open door for a great full time position. If you are looking for part time or full time job placement resources, contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

The Mobile Search Outlook

There’s no denying it – mobile technology is changing the way people search, even for jobs. In fact, smart phones alone make up nearly half of the mobile market. Today’s job seekers are embracing the mobile trend with seven out of every ten people already job searching on mobile devices. Because of this, employers are now faced with the need to incorporate mobile technology into recruiting strategies to prevent missing top candidates.

Because of this technological leap, it is vital for recruiters and hiring managers alike to understand this shift in the recruitment world. The rise in mobile technology is directly impacting job seeking, thus, creating challenges involved with mobile job search and recruiting. The truth is mobile is no longer the future; it is the now, already playing a crucial role in recruitment, primarily thanks to convenience and immediacy. Consider the following:

  • Mobile sites. Not only is it imperative for employers to have mobile sites of their own, they must also provide a seamless experience between their online site and their mobile presence to attract potential candidates. While seven out of ten job seekers are applying to jobs via mobile technology, three out of those ten are applying.
  • Mobile social media. The rise of social media as a networking tool is also contributing to mobile optimization as a marketing plan. Many mobile recruiting apps and websites provide a seamless integration for job seekers to connect with employers and industry professionals on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This is one of the easiest ways to be where you want to be – where your candidates are interacting.

Although these tips can provide a helpful set of guidelines, fully wrapping your head (and recruiting plan!) around the mobile world can be frustrating. Fortunately, B. Loehr is here to help! When it comes to attracting the top talent in the digital age, B. Loehr Staffing is readily available to lend a helping hand every step of the way. If you are looking for additional resources for implementing a mobile job search campaign, contact the experts at B. Loehr Staffing today!