Save Money While Motivating Employees

In today’s economy, most everyone is trying to save a buck in any way they can – this is especially true for small and medium size businesses that don’t have the same revenue flow as larger, more seasoned companies.  With  circumstances like these, where larger salaries and cash bonuses aren’t options, how can an employer keep workers motivated?

Although it may ring true that nothing is more powerful to a company’s employees than passionately believing in its mission, this still only takes motivation so far. To turn that passion into efficient action, consider adding the following actions   into your company’s employee retention plan.

  • Increase goal setting. For small and medium businesses, annual reviews just aren’t enough. Your short-term goals are constantly changing to adapt to rapidly changing client needs, competitor moves, and internal discoveries regarding your own strengths and weaknesses.  Employees need specific, measurable goals to negotiate with management as well as their teams.
  • Reward small victories. Reward the achievement of employees’ short-term goals as they reach them.  Immediate rewards show employees not only that you are paying close attention to their performance, but they also help employees understand how important their goals are to the success of the company.
  • Utilize social media. Let’s be realistic – most everyone uses some form of social media. While it’s already important for your business to be active in social networks, consider “socially rewarding” employees to expand acknowledgement for a job well done. Share a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or post on LinkedIn about a specific employee achievement or monthly recognition.

When attracting and retaining top talent, there is no substitute for a powerful mission statement; however to keep these employees motivated to do the right things every day, following these simple, inexpensive approaches can help keep you a step ahead of the competition. If you are looking for more tips for motivating your company and finding the best employees contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

Finding a Job in a Slow Economy –B. Loehr Job Seeker Tips

The old saying, “patience is a virtue” takes on a whole new meaning for today’s job seekers.  Due to the Recession, we are currently facing one of the most challenging times in history to be looking for a job. Although remaining calm, patient, and proactive are all keys to successfully finding your next job, they are sometimes easier said than done. To keep your motivation up during a seemingly discouraging period, focus on the following points throughout your job search.

  • Find target points. Prioritize your search by centering your time and energy into the opportunities that excite you most.  Choose several companies that interest you and pursue them, whether they currently have openings or not. Also consider researching growth industries, such as fuel and energy. These types of jobs continue to thrive despite economic hardships, and are often regarded as “recession-proof”.
  • Build yourself. Now is the time to spruce up your skills and hone in on your talents. Freelancing and temporary jobs are excellent ways to keep your skills fresh, fill in resume gaps, and bring in pay during your down time between jobs.
  • Prepare effectively. Go above and beyond merely learning about the companies that interest you. Create specialized resumes and cover letters to highlight precise skills and qualities the company desires. Additionally, take this time to learn how to speak about yourself in a meaningful and powerful way to make you a memorable candidate.
  • Work your network. Many new jobs stem from existing connections. Let your colleagues know you’re in the market so they can put feelers out for you. Work your old connections, but don’t be afraid to reach out to new ones. Connect with professionals in your chosen field to learn more about their company or position. Remember, the key word in social networking is networking.
  • Stay positive. Although it can seem dim at times, the most important aspect in searching for a job during the Recession is keeping a positive attitude. Even if there is a 10% unemployment rate, that means there is also a 90% employment rate, which still places the odds in your favor.

Job hunting in today’s economy can be a disheartening plight.  Though difficult at times, staying focused and diligent in your search will pay off – it just may require some patience. If you are struggling and need help landing your next job, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing today!

How to Harness Your Accounting Workforce –B. Loehr Staffing Tips

Employing and maintaining a strong accounting workforce is imperative to any company’s well being. After all, these employees serve as your fundamental backbone – how could that not be important? However, an unfortunate recent trend suggests that many companies are missing important growth opportunities due to ineffective talent management within their accounting teams.

What exactly does this mean? It means as important as an accounting workforce is, it’s a department that has been falling by the wayside for many organizations, resulting in missed financial goals, overlooked performance targets, and countless lost opportunities.  How can you prevent these mishaps in your company before they come to pass? Start harnessing your accounting workforce by improving your human capital strategies now.

  • Information. Are you receiving the right information? Above all, the information you receive must be credible and accurate.  This information then needs to be analyzed and translated into relevant insight in order to implement and organize a strategy for effective decision-making.
  • Performance. Do you have a system in place for measuring employee performance? Be sure to set performance measures that fall in line with your big picture business strategy. The management of these measurements should be viewed as equally important as any other key data in your company.
  • Accountability. Are your employees clear on their responsibilities? Organizations must establish accountability, responsibility, and ownership with clarity throughout the entire organization in order to manage human capital effectively.
  • Partnering. What is the relationship between your finance and HR departments? Consider restructuring for closer collaboration and encourage partnering to bridge the communication gap and put an end to potential problems from the get go.

With a rapid evolving business culture, a company’s accounting workforce often plays the role of critical driver for a company’s success – definitely a mark you do not want your organization to miss! If you find your own company is in need of some help harnessing your accounting workforce, do not hesitate to contact B. Loehr Staffing today!