Give Your LinkedIn Title Purpose in a Job Search

In this wonderful digital age we live in, LinkedIn is hands down one of the greatest professional social networking tools available. Whether you’re currently in the job market or simply using the site to network with like-minded industry professionals, LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for jump starting your career; however, most of us are not making the most of our profiles, specifically with what may be the simplest part – the headline.

Chances are, your current headline is comprised of your current title, company name, and nothing more.  This is what the vast majority of LinkedIn users are providing in their headlines, usually because they  don’t realize the headline can actually be edited to say whatever you’d like. That’s right – 120 characters to market yourself in any way you choose! Considering this is the first introduction to you many recruiters will see making or breaking the decision to learn more about you – why wouldn’t you want to stand out from the crowd? To transform your virtual first impression from boring to spectacular, consider the following elements when sprucing up your headline:

  • Show your value. What kind of headline would make you want to click to learn more? LinkedIn literally has millions of users, so you’ll want to showcase your specialties in a way that grabs attention.  Tell the visitor exactly why they should want to learn more about you!
  • Speak directly. Whatever your chosen field may be, you’ll have a target audience you’re looking to attract – speak to them! What does your audience care about most? Consider this, and be sure to address it in your headline.
  • Be specific.  This loops back to your target audience, but again, these are the people you want to find your headline compelling.  What makes you stand out from others in your industry? The more specific you can be in your headline, the better.
  • Include keywords. What are the most likely terms or keywords someone would search to find someone like you? Incorporate as many of these as possible into your headline. You want to be found!
  • Be creative.  Make yourself memorable! Why should someone care about looking at your full profile? Creativity is the key – use your headline to capture your audience and leave them wanting to learn more.

LinkedIn is full of dull and generic headlines that tell recruiters nothing unique about the user. Following these simple steps can help prevent you from falling into the dark hole of headline nothingness and merit your profile a second look. If you would like additional help finding your next job, don’t hesitate to contact St. Louis’ oldest and most successful staffing firm, B Loehr Staffing today!